NEW brand launched for Mount Saint Vincent alumni!

A new brand identity for Mount Saint Vincent alumni has been in progress for almost a year. In partnership with Studio 11 Creative Group, a new visual identity was created to connect with generations of alumni from Mount Saint Vincent Academy, College and University.

The first step in this rebrand process was consulting with stakeholders via an electronic alumni survey. Over 700 surveys were returned and the wonderful comments, stories and insights helped guide this rebrand.

The new Mount Saint Vincent alumni rebrand encompasses two logos – a main logo, which showcases maple leaves and the university’s crest, and a secondary logo, which showcases these elements plus the Evaristus building. The main logo version will be used for general, day-to-day purposes and when spacing constraints require. The secondary logo will be used for more formal occasions and communications.

Representing the diversity of alumni and ensuring inclusion were critical pieces of this rebrand and are reflected in the alumni name within the brand.

The new visual identity

The fonts are strong and bold, like our values and history. The blue is the traditional Mount blue, used in the university logo to show its relationship and devotion to the main brand. The new version of gold represents the university’s distinction and high educational standards. The shield represents our traditional coat of arms and clear vision in the pursuit of knowledge and social justice.

The flora and fauna of the Mount campus was mentioned frequently by survey respondents. As such, the maple leaves were moved from the shield and brought into the main logo to represent Canada, the natural beauty of  campus and the feelings evoked by the memory of walking through it.

The gold Evaristus Hall has been included in a logo version to represent an iconic piece of university history that is etched in collective memory. Named after the first president of Mount Saint Vincent College, Sister Mary Evaristus, it stands overlooking our campus, strong, tested and beautiful at the top of the Mount, grounded by an unwavering foundation of excellence.

The blue and gold colours in Mount Saint Vincent’s official coat of arms represent the colours of St. Vincent de Paul and the French Arms. Elements of a brand are often adapted for practical use, stylized to remain current, and connect with the people who make up the organization the brand represents. Digital reproduction has allowed for the use of more metallic colours on both physical and virtual modes of representation, so Studio 11 was able to better reflect the gold symbolism in the coat of arms with a more metallic version in the new brand. This metallic gold is also closer to the one used on the Mount’s graduation certificates, the folders that hold them, and ring – all important alumni symbols.

This logo represents all Mount Saint Vincent Academy, College and University alumni who have connected to the institution through a variety of visual identities that have changed over the years. The new brand is meant to connect all alumni and strengthen their sense of community and belonging to Mount Saint Vincent. The new alumni brand has a clear connection to the traditional symbols that represent the university over the years with a fresh new style.

We are proud to launch this new brand! We hope it resonates with all alumni and represents those who graduated from Mount Saint Vincent in the past and in future years to come.