Join Mount Mentorship!

MSVU prides itself on many things—#1 being our connections with alumni and students. To help maintain and grow these connections, we are thrilled to announce the 2022 program launch of our Mount Mentorship Program.

Designed to help 3rd and 4th year students with the transition from university life to the workplace, as well as new graduates navigating the ever-changing career world, Mount Mentorship offers unique hands-on guidance, and extends support where needed.

Ideally, the mentorship relationships created will last a lifetime, but the program itself includes 8 -10 meetings over 12 months. Lots of time to do some great things together! During this time, mentors and mentees will work to set their own goals and objectives for the program and can connect in any way that works best – in person meetings, virtual meetings, or phone calls.


Existing mentors or mentees: For those mentors or mentees who have already participated in the 2021 program, you can register for the 2022 program here.

For first time mentors and mentees: Please sign up and register here

Become a Mentor

Do you have at least five years of professional work experience? Are you are looking to:

  • Showcase and develop leadership skills
  • Expand your network and contacts
  • Give back to your alma mater or community?

If so, becoming a Mount Mentor may be the perfect opportunity for you! Mount Mentors bring diverse career experiences, backgrounds and perspectives to the table, and will offer guidance and advice to mentees in all areas of work or study.

Become a Mentee

Are you a 3rd or 4th year MSVU student or recent graduate looking to connect with an established professional in your desired industry? Do you want to:

  • Gain valuable support as your launch your career
  • Learn how to network and develop important job skills
  • Build a professional and valuable connection with someone in your desired career industry?

If so, you should become a Mount Mentorship Mentee! You will be matched with a Mentor in your desired career industry and will meet with them approximately 8-10 times over the period of one year. Mentors bring diverse career experiences, backgrounds and perspectives to the table, and will offer valuable guidance and advice to you!


If you have any questions regarding the Mount Mentorship Program, please connect with us anytime at

For any other alumni-related activities, please contact the Alumni Office at