A Legacy of Giving

MSVU’s Public Relations program witnessed an extraordinary boost from the beneficiary of a bequest (gift in will) from the Estate of Ivy (Robbins) Oakley.

Ivy was the wife of the late PR practitioner Neil Oakley, Montreal, who died in 2010, and was a former CPRS national president. Neil, who with other colleagues such as C. Edmund Murray, Halifax, worked to put the first four year public relations university degree program in place at the Mount in the 1970s.

Together Neil and Ivy enjoyed travelling, entertaining, building businesses, and charitable works. Neil was highly regarded by his colleagues at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in the Atlantic Provinces, Ottawa, and the Prairies. He was a long-time member of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and past national president (1976-1977) — when he championed the creation of the Mount’s Bachelor of Public Relations program. Of Beaconsfield, Quebec, Ivy passed away on January 14, 2015 at the age of 85. In her will, she instructed that the residual of her estate was to be split amongst three charities, one of which was Mount Saint Vincent University and the Public Relations program her late husband had helped to establish.

“Revolutionary” is how Dr. Anthony Yue, Communications Studies Faculty Member, describes the donation from the Estate of Ivy Robbins. “This gift will have impact for years to come and be a catalyst in elevating PR Education at the Mount to the next level.”

Ivy and Neil’s generous gift to MSVU has had direct, positive impact for Mount PR students. Read more about the impact of the Oakley’s gift here.

For more information about making a gift in your will to the Mount, please contact Anne Thibodeau, Manager, Philanthropy, by calling 902-457-6270 or email anne.thibodeau@msvu.ca