Securities & Wire Transfers

Current Canadian tax rules make it advantageous to gift various types of publicly listed securities to charities like Mount Saint Vincent University. Your gifts of shares, capital stock, units of Canadian mutual funds or other securities are exempt from the capital gains tax that typically applies to the sale of a security. This can result in significant tax savings.

MSVU will issue a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of your gift of securities to be used for tax purposes. The fair market value will be the closing price of the securities on the date the securities are received by the Mount.

For more information about gifts of securities, please visit our securities & shares section. To make a gift of securities, please fill out and return this form to the address enclosed.

If you have additional questions or would prefer to make your gift by wire transfer or e-transfer through your bank, please contact Anne Thibodeau at or 902-457-6270.