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Together, we can help reduce some of the financial stress students face on their educational journey. By making a gift to the Mount Fund, we all get a chance to see what a difference opportunity makes.

A Letter from Rachel: MSVU scholarship & bursary recipient 

My name is Rachel and I am from Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. I am a senior student at Mount Saint Vincent University, working on my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology & Anthropology with a Minor in Communications.

I am delighted to be a student here at the Mount. It is my home and my community; and it’s filled with many supports to help me realize my potential!

I am also a proud scholarship and bursary recipient.

When I received the message that I had been given a scholarship recently, I was so grateful for the relief of my financial stress. My educational pursuits would not be possible without this scholarship, the student works program at MSVU, and the support of MSVU professors and staff. The first few years of my degree were very stressful balancing the many different facets of student life. This year, though, my scholarship gave me the financial stability I needed to be able to focus more on my studies and get engaged in campus life.

As we returned to studying on campus this fall, following more than a year online because of the pandemic, I was reminded of how we’ve each had such a different pandemic experience, with some students still struggling with its impacts. This September, as a senior, I took on the role of Mount Mentor to help support first-year students, and I quickly saw first-hand the particular challenges first year students are facing during this unusual time. Witnessing student financial and food insecurity, affordable housing issues, and mental health challenges, made me realize that more support is needed. I personally know the impact that your gift to the Mount Fund will make to students who need it most, and this impact is substantial.

I am proud of MSVU for the way it continues to navigate the disruptions and challenges caused by COVID-19. I am also grateful to all the donors who have contributed during this difficult time. Please consider making a gift to the Mount Fund in support of scholarships, bursaries, and awards– your gift will enable us to help more students on their path to success.

I believe that a path to success in education is paved when stresses, like financial worries, are alleviated. Mount Saint Vincent University and their donors truly support students and empower them to pursue their dreams. Thank you for helping to make dreams come true. Mine did.

Thank you in advance for supporting Mount students.


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