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Health and wellbeing are at the heart of the human life cycle. From infants to seniors, our health dictates how well we are able to fully live our best life. The Mount’s investment into the Centre for Applied Research in Human Health advances our research mandate and enhances our position as a teaching facility.

The $4.5 million capital revitalization completely retrofitted an existing University building with state of the art laboratories, new collective research spaces and a new space dedicated to housing a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer.

The new Centre provides Mount students and scholars alike with an exceptional opportunity to participate in research. It supplies both additional and better-equipped space to foster collaborative work that engages students more directly in the research process.

Increased opportunities for mentoring and hands-on research participation augment summer co-op work placements, research internships, thesis work and classroom work. The Centre also fosters greater interaction and collaboration among educators, industry leaders, policy makers and community members. It’s a small wonder with a big impact.