The new Centre features state-of-the-art research laboratory spaces, including two Food Science Laboratories with a fully-equipped Food Lab, Food Prep Lab, and Food Tasting Lab, Scent-Free Product Testing Lab, as well as acid/base storage facilities, spectrophotometer, biochem analyzer, and an advanced freeze-drying system.

The Centre also includes an Organic Synthesis and Biochemistry Lab, outfitted with an IR spectrometer, a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrument and dedicated space to house a new NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectrometer, as well as office space for researchers and research assistants. In-house NMR capability gives our leading researchers unprecedented access to imaging small molecules.

Additional capacity includes a dedicated Clinical Space, housing a nurses’ station for blood and vital sign testing, a clinical consult room, and a specialty room for treadmill and calorimeter research to monitor oxygen uptake, blood glucose levels and metabolic rates.

The new infrastructure also includes a Knowledge Mobilization Space for interviews, discussion groups and focus groups, as well as essential knowledge mobilization activities such as nutrition awareness capacity sessions with children, Aboriginal groups, and seniors. This functionality allows researchers to gain immediate feedback on the efficacy of their interventions, and to test efficiencies, validity, and reliability of the research instruments. Importantly, it also allows participants to gain access to potential research findings while the research is in the formative process.

The total cost of the new Centre for Applied Research in Human Health is $4.5 million. The Government of Canada invested $1.5 million in support through the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund and the Province of Nova Scotia also committed $950,000. The balance of funds required are secured from donations and private funders.

Blueprint Final