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The Mount’s research faculty is pushing the boundaries on scientific discovery in all areas of human health. In collaboration with educators, industry leaders, policy makers and community members, they work to benefit population health and contribute to public policy.

Research conducted at the Mount in the areas of nutrition and food innovation, diseases, nutrition-related conditions and important community-based public health initiatives is greatly benefiting all Canadians. Faculty and students are helping to improve health outcomes, educate our community on better nutrition, find more effective treatment of diseases and disorders and develop better policies supporting early childhood development.

There are currently 438 students enrolled in Applied Human Nutrition Programs and 31 in Chemistry programs, at the undergraduate to graduate levels, in addition to four NSERC-funded postdoctoral fellows. Graduates go on to pursue careers in areas such as pharmacy, osteopathy, audiology, optometry, food services and nutrition management in health care settings; and to advanced academic study in medicine and chemistry. Some of our notable alumnae include Rhodes Scholar Jake Yorke, HOPE BLOOMS founder Jessy Jollymore, and Brandon Gheller, PhD student at Cornell University.

Thirty full and part-time teaching and research faculty comprise our Chemistry/Biochemistry and Applied Human Nutrition teams. Their work has attracted $1.85 million in current externally-funded research grants.