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When an academic offence is suspected, the faculty member will make every reasonable effort to meet as soon as possible with the student(s) and provide an opportunity for explanation or defence against the allegation. The faculty member may consider having another faculty member with her/him when meeting with the student, in which case, the faculty member will provide an opportunity for the student to bring another student to the meeting. Where students are unavailable for a face-to-face meeting (as may be the case for some distance education students), the discussion can take place by e-mail or telephone. If the student fails to respond to a request for a meeting or does not attend a pre-arranged meeting or does not provide a satisfactory explanation for the suspected academic offence, then the faculty member may decide to proceed with a formal charge. Before recommending a penalty and filing a report, the faculty member will consult with the department Chair. If the faculty member is the department Chair, another member of the department will be consulted.

  1. If a formal charge is to be made, the faculty member will send a written report of the offence (including relevant documentation and recommended penalty based on the University guidelines) to the Dean copied to the Registrar and department Chair within five working days following the meeting with the student(s). Penalties may range from a grade of zero in an assignment in a course to expulsion from the University.
  2. The Dean will review the recommended penalty to ensure that it is consistent with penalties for similar offences. The Registrar’s Office will review the file(s) of the student(s) charged to determine whether the student(s) has been guilty of previous offence(s) and provide relevant information to the Dean. Should questions of consistency arise or previous offences be on file, the Dean may revise the recommended penalty. The final decision as to the penalty to be assessed rests with the Dean. Within five working days of receiving a report from the faculty member, the Dean will confirm or revise the penalty and report to the Registrar with a copy to the faculty member and department Chair.
  3. The Registrar’s Office will send notification of the penalty assessed, by registered mail, together with a summary report of the charge presented, to the student(s) involved within ten working days of receiving the Dean’s report.
  4. If the recommended penalty is expulsion, the Dean will make a recommendation, in writing, to the President with a copy to the Registrar. The President will then confirm or revise the penalty. The University President will send the notification to the student(s) with copies to the Registrar, faculty member, department Chair and the Dean.
  5. Subject to any appeal decisions, all documents related to the charge will be a permanent record in the student’s file. This information will be available to the Dean and those involved in any appeal process regarding subsequent charges of academic offences.
  6. The student(s) will have the right to respond in writing to this notification within 15 working days of its having been sent to her/him (them). The response will be placed on file with copies to the faculty member, department Chair and the Dean (and President, in the case of expulsion). The student(s) will have the right to appeal the decision and/or the related penalty to the Academic Appeals Committee (see Appeals).
  7. Two years following an assessment of a penalty transcript notation, if there is only a single “F” with a notation on the student’s transcript, the student may appeal to have the notation removed from the transcript. This appeal must be made within ten years from the time the offence was noted on the transcript. The Appeals Committee will consider the student’s entire file in assessing the appeal to remove the notation.

Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2021-2022 academic year which runs from September 01, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

For information on previous years, please consult the University Academic Calendars web page.

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