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Stage One: Informal Grade Query and Grade Analysis

The student with a grade concern must approach the faculty member to discuss the grade. This step should be taken within two weeks of notification of the grade, if the grade is an interim mark. Final grade queries must be initiated by the deadlines shown at the end of this section. The faculty member will conduct a grade analysis if requested. A grade analysis involves confirming that all grades were recorded correctly.

If still dissatisfied, the student may move to Stage 2. Stage 2 is initiated by contacting the Registrar’s Office to complete the Academic Appeals form. The Academic Appeals form is copied to the department Chair, the Dean, and the faculty member concerned. If not carried out at Stage 1, a grade analysis is conducted before a re-read in order to ensure that any arithmetical errors are corrected.

Stage Two: Re-read

A re-read shall involve reconsideration of the student’s coursework, including the final examination, if any. It shall be the responsibility of the student to preserve all exercises, papers, reports and other graded material for the course except the final examination paper, and to submit the originals of these documents with the application for a re-read. Work not submitted, and courses, or aspects of courses in which it is not possible to review the student’s work cannot be taken into consideration.

Students must initiate a re-read within two weeks of the completion of Stage 1.

By initiating a re-read, the student forfeits the grade originally assigned and understands that a grade will be assigned as a result of the re-read process. Grades may go down as well as up, and the grade decision reached after a re-read is final.

A re-read will be conducted as follows:

  1. The Registrar will convey the re-read request with copies of all relevant materials to the department Chair (or to the appropriate Dean if the Chair is the instructor, or if there is no Chair).
  2. The re-read will be conducted by two professors designated by the department Chair or the appropriate Dean. Those conducting the re-read will be provided with copies of the course outline and marking criteria, as appropriate. Normally the professor who assigned the original grade will not re-read the work at this stage unless no other faculty with competence in the area are available. Regrading results are reported, giving the grade awarded and the basis for the decision, within three weeks of the date of the request for a re-read.
  3. The department Chair will determine the result of the re-read, after consultation with the Dean if necessary, and report the grade to be assigned in writing to the Registrar. If the department Chair and the Dean are the same person, an alternate Dean will be consulted, if necessary.
  4. The Registrar will convey the result to the student, the appropriate Dean, and the faculty member, and will amend the student’s transcript of grades accordingly.
  5. The results of a re-read are final and do not constitute grounds for further appeal.

Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2021-2022 academic year which runs from September 01, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

For information on previous years, please consult the University Academic Calendars web page.

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