Student FAQ's

Are online classes easier than on campus courses?

Although the format is different, you will find online classes as rewarding and challenging as our on campus classes. The content, assignments and exams in online classes are equivalent to those offered on campus. Most of our online classes are designed and taught by faculty members who also teach on campus. Our online courses are developed by experts in the field to support your learning. You will get a great learning experience online or face-to-face.

I can’t see my course for next term on Moodle. Help!

Your courses won’t be available to you until the first day of classes. If you don’t see your course on the list, it is because it has not yet been opened to students. If it doesn’t appear after the first day of classes, please contact the Registrar’s office to confirm your enrollment.

I live more than 100kms away from Halifax and can’t attend an exam in person. Am I eligible for a proctor?

Please review the Exam Policy for more information on when you might qualify for a proctored exam. We recommend that you reach out to the Registrar early in the term to start making arrangements.

I’m a visiting student. Will my credits transfer to MSVU?

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information about how and when credits transfer. You can also visit the Registrar’s Office’s Visiting Students Page or explore the current transfer data bank for a list of courses and their Mount equivalencies.

My class doesn’t have a scheduled meeting time. What does that mean?

Your course may be designed for asynchronous or multi-access delivery. See the Course Delivery Modes and the department offering the course to clarify expectations.

I am registered in an online class but I have other commitments scheduled during the meeting time. Am I required to attend the class?

Attendance requirements are determined by the instructor based on the course delivery mode. Reach out to the instructor or the department offering the course to clarify the expectations for the course.

Can I do my entire degree online?

The Mount offers a wide range of degree programs, some of which can be taken entirely online. We are constantly developing new courses. You will need to reach out to the department you are interested in to determine if a degree can be taken online and how long it might take if you pursue it online exclusively.

Can I do an online degree full-time?

Scheduling changes from term to term. You will need to reach out to the department to determine if a degree can be taken full-time and how long it might take if you pursue it online exclusively.

Faculty FAQ's

I would like to have a teaching consultation

Need a quick online consultation? Drop-in to ask a TLC Educational Developer any teaching and learning questions you have. We are here to answer your questions about teaching dossiers, course design, course outlines, teaching strategies, learning activities, assessment, feedback, grading, and more. We offer drop-in consultations every Tuesday 9:00am-10:00am online

To arrange a one-on-one session, please contact

I need training on how to use Moodle, Collaborate, or other educational technologies. Who can help?

Online Learning offers training on all of the educational technologies that the Mount supports. Please reach out to Online to attend a group session or arrange a one-on-one training session.

I need to schedule an online exam. Who can help me arrange this?

Please reach out to the Registrar’s office for any questions concerning exams. They can help you organize an exam and provide more information about proctors if and when necessary.

I need help uploading my final grades. Who do I contact?

Final grades are uploaded into WebAdvisor. If you need help, please refer to your Faculty Handbook or consult with your department’s administrative assistant.

I have a great idea for an online course and want to develop it. Who do I contact?

Start by reaching out to your department chair to ensure that the course is in alignment with their online learning goals. If they approve, they will reach out to the Director of the TLC, Katherine Darvesh, to start the process.

How long does it take to design an online course?

On average, our course developments take 4-6 months to complete.

I am up for tenure and promotion and I need help organizing my teaching portfolio. Who can help?

Contact our education developer Leigh-Ann MacFarlane for insight into your teaching statement and all aspects of creating an effective portfolio.

I am planning for next term and need to develop a course outline. Who can help?

Please refer to our Course Outline template, located in the MSVU Intranet TLC Teaching Resource Repository. You can also reach out to our educational developer Leigh-Ann MacFarlane.

I’m having trouble using Moodle, Collaborate or other educational technologies. Who can help?

For non-emergencies, start by emailing

I can’t see my course for next term on Moodle. Help!

Your courses are organized by term in Moodle. Before you contact online, try checking under the “Future” tab in Moodle on the main page. If you are a new part-time instructor, confirm that you have signed your teaching contract. You won’t have access to the Moodle site until the University has processed your signed contract.

Additional Questions

Still searching for answers? The Mount has a variety of departments that can help you out.