What We Can Do For You

The TLCOL offers one-on-one consultations and group support for a wide range of teaching related matters. We also offer a regular program of teaching development opportunities and events throughout the year. To get more information about what we offer and who to contact, click on the topic you are interested in below.

Book a Consultation to:

  • Enhance your instructional skills
  • Optimize your course design and delivery
  • Refine your curriculum
  • Learn how to teach with Technology (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard Collaborate, Nearpod, and Office 365)
  • Increase your use of online gradebooks, quizzes, and discussion boards
  • Develop your approved online course
  • Prepare a teaching award nomination
  • Engage in professional development

Course Design

Course design includes identifying learning outcomes, crafting a course outline and planning your weekly lesson plans. It is primarily the high level organization and development of a course’s structure, learning activities, feedback opportunities and content.

For more information on course design, reach out to our educational developer Leigh-Ann MacFarlane to discuss on campus courses or our instructional developer Emily Ballantyne to discuss developing online classes.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum development refers more broadly to high-level planning across a program or degree. We work with departments, in consultation with department chairs and deans, to help you plan a clear pathway for students through their degree. We support departments throughout the program review process. We can also help you plan your online development strategy to get you closer to a minor, major or degree online.

For more information on curriculum development, reach out to our director Donovan Plumb to discuss how our team can support your planning needs.

Teaching Development

Teaching development includes all professional development activities related to enhancing university teaching skills and knowledge. We offer a wide range of planned activities throughout the calendar year that focus on different aspects of effective teaching that is evidence-based. Through one-on-one consultation, we can also address any teaching questions or problems you encounter from facilitation and assessment to classroom management and conflict resolution.

For more information on teaching development, including upcoming teaching events, reach out to our educational developer Leigh-Ann MacFarlane.

Online Course Site Design

Online course site design is important for all courses that maintain an online presence. Our unit offers a number of supports to help you design strategically to enhance student success through accessible, engaging and rich online resources. We also offer the services of two highly-trained instructional designers, Aki Tsirigotis and Cara O’Leary, who may be able to assist you in aspects of your course development.

For more information on online course design or the instructional design team, reach out to our instructional developer Emily Ballantyne.

Teaching Portfolio Development

Building your teaching portfolio is an essential part of the file you submit for reappointment, tenure and promotion. Our unit can help you to refine your teaching philosophy and organize the evidence of your teaching effectiveness.

For more information on making a confidential appointment to discuss your portfolio, reach out to our educational developer Leigh-Ann MacFarlane.

Teaching with Technology

The TLCOL is proud to offer a growing variety of teaching technologies to support rich learning at the Mount. Currently, the Mount Online Learning Platform includes Moodle, Blackboard Collaborate, Office 365 and Nearpod. As you get familiar with each of these excellent tools, you may have questions or want additional support.

To get help with any of our online tools, reach out to our online team Hanaa Aboushahla and Jennifer Rizwan.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

There is a growing body of research around teaching and learning across the disciplines. If you are interested in participating more actively in a teaching conference or engaging in a research project related to teaching and learning, we have information and resources we can share with you.

To learn more about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, reach out to the Chair of SCOTL (Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning), Kathy Darvesh or our educational developer Leigh-Ann MacFarlane.

Teaching Award Nominations

For more information on teaching awards, visit Teaching Excellence Awards.