Mount Online Learning Platform

Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate


Moodle is the Mount’s Learning Management System (LMS) and provides the ability for faculty to create personalized learning environments for on-campus and online courses.

Below, you will find useful links to Moodle documents and videos, on important topics relevant to your course site, and with assisting you to use Moodle to its fullest capability.

Helpful Docs at Moodle

Mount faculty are encouraged to learn more about Moodle by visiting Moodle.org and YouTube – both sources provide excellent how-to guides on everything you need to know in order to use Moodle as effectively as possible to deliver an excellent online learning experience to your students.

Managing a Moodle Course

How to set up your course; how to use the text editor; how to involve students actively in their learning; how to add resources to your site; how to add extra items and information using blocks; how to create questions for use in quizzes; how to use the gradebook; how to copy or recycle elements of your course.

Managing Content

How to upload files and folders; how to import content into Moodle from Google docs; how best to upload and display images, sound, video and embedded content.

Helpful Demos at Moodle

See Moodle in action at the Mount Orange School, where you can choose a role (manager, teacher, student or parent) and practice setting activities in your courses, manage students and explore many other tools and features.

You can also try Moodle’s standard features on the empty-out-of-the-box
Moodle Sandbox site.

Helpful Videos on Moodle’s YouTube Site

Blackboard Collaborate

Helpful Docs, Videos and Tools at Blackboard Collaborate for Moderators (Faculty)

Helpful Docs and Videos at Blackboard Collaborate for Participants (Students)