Teaching and Learning Centre and Online Learning

Staff Directory and Contact Information

Aboushahla, Hanaa

Educational Technology Specialist | hanaa.aboushahla@msvu.ca

Al Saidi, Kerri

Administrative Assistant TLC  EMF 131 (902-457-6511) | tlc@msvu.ca

Ballantyne, Emily Dr.

Instructional Developer | emily.ballantyne@msvu.ca

Cantelo, Kelly

Manager, Operations | kelly.cantelo@msvu.ca

Chapman, Erin

Instructional Designer | erin.chapman@msvu.ca

Darvesh, Katherine Dr.

Acting Director | katherine.darvesh@msvu.ca

MacFarlane, Leigh-Ann Dr.

Educational Developer | leigh-ann.macfarlane@msvu.ca

Matte, Aaron

Instructional Developer | aaron.matte@msvu.ca

McGuire, Michael

Instructional Developer | michael.mcguire@msvu.ca

Nkrumah, Jojo

Educational Technology Associate | ebenezer.nkrumah@msvu.ca

O’Leary, Cara

Instructional Designer | cara.oleary1@msvu.ca

Reed, Laurie

Instructional Developer | laurie.reed@msvu.ca

Rivas, Nury

Educational Technology Associate | nury.rivas@msvu.ca