Minakshi Gonzalez Cerdeira
Lab Instructor
Tourism and Hospitality Management Program

Detailed Profile

Minakshi Gonzalez Cerdeira
Lab Instructor
Tourism and Hospitality Management

Office: McCain Centre
Phone: 902 457
Fax: 902 445 2582
Email: minakshi.gonzalezcerdeira@msvu.ca
Office Hours: By appointment only.

Academic: Masters of Applied Human Nutrition and BSc. AHN Major Dietetics

Joined the Mount: 2014 (as Part Time Faculty Instructor)
Attended MSVU from 2006-2010 for BSc AHN and from 2012-2013 for MAHN

Relevant Prior Work Experience:
Part Time Faculty MSVU with Department of Applied Human Nutrition
Project Manager, Health with Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Secretariat
Research Associate NSHA
Marketing Specialist and Menu Developer for Indian Cooking Classes held at PC Cooking School
Food & Nutrition Service Supervisor with Loblaws and Sodexho

Courses Taught:

THMT 1116L – Intro to Food Services Management Labs
NUTR 4651 – Special Topics in Nutrition
NUTR 4650 – Special Topics in Nutrition
NUTR 2240 – Child Care Health Nutrition & Safety
NUTR 2211 – Intermediate Metabolism
NUTR 315L – Food Service Systems Labs
NUTR 4406 – Seminar in Nutrition
NUTR 103L – Introductory Foods: Animal Origins Labs
NUTR 102L – Introductory Foods: Plant Origins Labs

GAHN 647LB – Management & Entrepreneurship Lab
GAHN 6607 – Nutrition Education

Academic Activities and Publications (since 2005):
Journal Articles:

  • Phillips M, Wile C, Bartol C, Stockman C, Dhir M, Soroka SD, Hingwala J, Bargman JM, Cha, CT, Tennankore KT. An Education Initiative Modifies Opinions of Hemodialysis Nurses Towards Home Dialysis. (2015 Apr 28) Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease 2(16) doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1186%2Fs40697-015-0051-z
  • Sampalli T, Dhir M, Desy M, Edwards L and Dickson R. Improving Wait Times to Care for Individuals with Multimorbidities and Complex Conditions Using Value Stream Mapping. (2015). International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 4(7), 459-466. http://dx.doi.org/10.15171/ijhpm.2015.76

Special University Projects:
November 2015 – Interview Participant: Sharing stories: Cultivating a Supportive Community of Knowledge Users who Influence the Eating Behaviors of Young Children. MSVU Project

Professional Projects and Activities:


  • 2016/04/13 Engaging Today for a Healthier Tomorrow: Working Together to Achieve Better
    Health Outcomes for Nova Scotians – O.E. Smith Auditorium, IWK Health Centre
  • 2016/04/07 Helping Hands: Bringing oral health care to our local and global communities- Sir
    Charles Tupper Medical Building, Dalhousie University
  • 2016/01/09 – Poverty, INC – Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, Dalhousie University
  • 2015/11/30 – Planned and executed a birthday dinner by donation with all proceeds going towards Dartmouth North Community Food Centre (total donation: $749.00)
  • 2015/11/29- A for Adventure Children’s Book Launch, Halifax Central Library
  • 2014/11/05 – 2014/11/05 Recorder, CDPM Fall Symposium: A ‘Corridor’ Conversation: Coordinating Care for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions, Conference Compiled notes from Q & A sessions, Afternoon Breakout Sessions and Moving Forward Action Plans
  • 2013/03/21 – 2013/03/21 Cafe Scientifique: Food for Thought- Local & Global Issues on Food Security and Access, Seminar
  • 2013/05/09 – 2013/02/11 Nova Scotia Food Gathering: Identifying and animating actions to increase Food Security in Nova Scotia through a variety of stakeholders, Conference
  • 2012/10/24 – 2012/10/25 Recorder, Childhood & Adolescent Obesity Conference, Conference. Compiled pre conference and conference day notes on Q& A period, Round Table Discussions and Moving Forward Action Plan