Dr. Don Shiner, Associate Professor, Marketing


Dr. Shiner is a tenured Associate Professor of Marketing. He completed his BSc at Acadia in 1969, his MBA in 1980 at Dalhousie University and his Ph.D. at the University of Bradford, England in 1989.

As a professor he has taught marketing theory and strategy, as well as courses in advertising, consumer behaviour and international marketing. Dr Shiner was the principal investigator for a SSHRC seven year study on the housing needs of aging Atlantic Canadians and the founder of the Atlantic Seniors Housing Research Alliance.

Since 1989 Dr. Shiner has been a management consultant providing consulting advice in the areas of market strategy and market planning, as well as general business strategy.

Don Shiners Focus on Faculty Bio

Detailed Profile

Dr. Don Shiner
Associate Professor

Office: McCain Centre 406C
Phone: 902 457 6398
Fax: 902 445 2582
Email: Donald.Shiner@msvu.ca
Office Hours: Office hours are by appointment only. Please email  to arrange a virtual meeting.

Academic: BSc (Acadia), MBA (Dalhousie), Ph.D (Bradford)
Honours/Awards: Canadian Decoration (CD), Peacekeeping Medal (UNEFME) and the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM).

Joined the Mount: 1984

Relevant Prior Work Experience:

Officer, Canadian Army Regular Force 1966-1980, Director, Marketing and Business Development, Bell Canada International Management consultant

Research Interests:

Housing needs as we age. Boomer decision making.

Research Grants:
Dr. Shiner was the Principal Investigator for a $1.2 million SSHRC – CURA funded project. The seven year grant finished in 2012, and focused on understanding how the aging Baby Boomer cohort makes decisions about major purchases such as housing. The project surveyed over 1,700 seniors and completed 15 targeted focus groups. Coming activities include the writing of 10 case studies of innovative examples of seniors housing from around the world and an analysis of current housing policy.

Academic Activities and Publications (since 2000):
Journals and Conference Proceedings:

  • Shiner, D. (2018). Why do we act like Peter Pan when it comes to decisions about again in place? Journal of Marketing Trends.
  • Weeks, L.E, Shiner, D., Stadnyk, R., & MacDonald, D. (2013). What do we build when they are ready to come? Developing evidence-based housing for older adults. Seniors Housing & Care Journal, May 2013.
  • Shiner, D. (2017). Why do we act like Peter Pan when it comes to decisions about aging in place?
    International Marketing Trends Conference, Madrid.
  • Weeks, L. E., Shiner, D., Stadnyk, R., & MacDonald, D. J. (2013, June). Informing future housing development for older adults. Abstract accepted for an oral presentation at the 2013 International Association on Gerontology and Geriatrics Congress, Coex, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Shiner, D.V. (2010). Handling the dramatic impact of change: A Canadian case study in restoring destination identity and wayfinding to a rural area. Proceedings of the International Sustainable Tourism Conference. 2010, Crete.
  • Shiner, D.V. (2005). Housing Needs of Aging Atlantic Canadians. Proceedings of the Canadian Association on Gerontology. 2005, Halifax.
  • Shiner, D.V. et al (2001). Moving Business to the E-World Environment. International Journal of e-Business Strategy Management, Nov/Dec 2001, 159-164.
  • Shiner, D.V. et al (2001). Moving Business to the E-World Proceedings of the International Academy of e-Business, 2001, San Francisco.

Professional Projects and Activities:
Don has completed more than 150 professional engagements working with all kinds of businesses and various government departments.

Personal Reflections:
I enjoy working on older sport cars, carving wildfowl, travel and being a Grandfather.