Students who are interested in engaging in an in-depth study of a particular subject or discipline will undertake original research in a specific field and complete an Honours Thesis. Below is a list of our most recent undergraduates and their completed Honours Theses:


Pictured above Undergraduate Thesis presenters (L-R) Ellen Thomas, Emily Drake and Taylor Gear, who successfully presented their honours thesis on Tuesday, April 6, 2017

CYS Honours Thesis List:

Child Life Specialists: Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Care Settings – Ellen Thomas, April 2017

Democratic Practices in Nova Scotia Early Childhood Centers – Emily Drake, April 2017

Motherhood by the pages of Chatelaine: Child Rearing Advice in a Canadian Women’s Magazine, 1939-1950’s – Taylor Gear, April 2017

Yoga and Mindfulness with Children – Shelby Allain, April 2016

An Exploration of the Role of Private Practice Speech-Language Pathologists for Interdisciplinary Professional Teams in Autism Early Intervention – Amy Brushett, April 2016

A Content Analysis of Parent Blogs: Child Development during Cancer Care – Hayley Smith, April 2016

Help-Seeking Behavior for University Stress – Catherine Sudsbear, April 2016

Images of Animals in a Sample of Canadian Children’s Picture Books: A Content Analysis – Michelle Pegg, May 2015

Perceptions of the Emotional Quality of an ECE Environment – Alison Elford, April 2014

Transition Through the Telescope: The Perception of Post-Secondary Students With Learning Disabilities on Nova Scotia Transition Services – Allison McBride, April 2014

Nature and its Role in Playgrounds: An Analysis of Natural Elements Available on Elementary School Playgrounds – Amy McGrath, April 2014

Autism Across the Lifespan: Examining the Supports and Services in Pictou County – Abigail Sutherland, 2014

Working with Children with Autism: The Role of the Speech Language Pathologist – Jenna Arsenault, April 2013

Children’s Relaionships with Typical and Atypical Companion Animals – Danielle Bouchard, April 2013

Navigating the System – The Experiences of Parents of Children with Special Needs Transitioning to the School System – Katrina Braun, April 2013

Childcare Practitioners’ Perceptions of Risk Taking in Early Learning Programs – Katelyn Pye, April 2013

How Occupational Therapists use Outdoor Play to Support Children with Mobility Challenges – Angela Yochoff, April 2013

Strategies Used by Early Childhood Educators to Promote Emotional Development in Young Children –Ashley Feindel, April 2012

Examining the Services Available to Children with Autism in Early Intervention Programs in Rural and Urban Communities in Nova Scotia – Denise Verge, April 2012

The Ongoing Prevention of Sexual Abuse – Julianna Davidson, April 2011

“Sports and stuff like that”: Physical Activity from the Perspective of Elementary-school Children – Stephanie Nickerson, April 2010

Early Childhood Educators’ Perceptions of Inclusive Child Care – Kelsey Zinck, Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Early Childhood Educators’ Perceptions of the Relationship Between Speech-Language Impairments and Social, Behavioural, and Academic Problems in Preschool Aged Children – Kristine Gale, April 2010

The Fallacious Immaculacy of a Racist Tradition in Dutch Picture Books and Magazines for Children: Themes of Domination and Subordination in the Relationship between Black Peter and St. Nicholas – Fransien Bogers, April 2010

Play and Hospitalization: An Adult Perspective – Lauren Crawley, April 2009

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