Regulations and Proposed Dates for an Honours Thesis in Child & Youth Study

September 30 (or before)

Outline of central thesis ideas/topic to be submitted (1000-2000 words) by this date.  This should include the proposed topic, major research questions to be addressed or examined, proposed research methodology, draft plan for data analysis and a preliminary bibliography.  In addition, Students undertaking research with humans or animals should have TCPS2 Core Tutorial completed by this date.

November 15 (or before)

The proposed thesis (intro, research questions, full literature review, proposed method) to be submitted on, or before, this date.  The proposed thesis must be approved by the Thesis Supervisor for the student to proceed with the thesis.

DECEMBER 15 (or before)

Final ethics application to be submitted to UREB.

MARCH 30 (or before)

Final Copies (paper or electronic) of the completed thesis (8000-10000 words) must be submitted by this date.


Oral presentation of thesis before faculty and all other Honours students. Honours students are expected to attend this presentation. Provisions will be made for distance students to participate.

APRIL 15* (or before)

All corrections/amendments complete and an electronic copy of the final thesis submitted to the Supervisor.  * This date may vary depending on the end of classes.

“Correct use of language is one of the criteria included in the evaluation of all written assignments.”  Students are reminded that the University regulations on plagiarism and cheating will be strictly enforced.  (See University Calendar)

Completed Undergraduate Honours Theses List