September (or earlier)
• Complete Immunization/Health Screening Form.
• Obtain Criminal Record Check including a Vulnerable Sector Search.

• Internship information session – IEP & DC Match.

• Resume and cover letter information session.
• IEP application packages available from IEP office.

• IEP package deadline for submission 2:00 PM, December 15th.
• Faculty interviews conducted (if required). Faculty reference forms completed.

• Faculty interviews conducted (if required). Faculty reference forms completed.
• Applicants complete written challenge.

• Applicants receive letters with application results.
• Interns sign and submit Intern Terms and Conditions.

Application to the Internship Education Program (IEP) is highly competitive – while high academic standing is necessary, related experience and student engagement in professional/student associations/activities is very important.

1. Eligible students interested in applying for the Internship Education Program may pick up application packages in November.

2. The Internship Education Program accepts applications on or prior to December 15. Students are responsible for submitting their entire application package to the Internship Office on or before to this date. Reference letters must be returned sealed with a signature. All materials are to be presented in a binder.

Application packages must include the following:

• Signed Internship Education Program Formal Application Form.

• Two external references. References must be written by different individuals or the selection committee will consider only one.

• One copy of current resume

• Course requirement sheet

• Official transcripts from MSVU and all other post-secondary organizations attended

• Proof of current Dietitians of Canada membership

• Completed Health Screening Form/Immunization Form

• Criminal Record Check, including a Vulnerable Sector Search, completed within the last 6 months

Note: Students must obtain transcripts from other post-secondary institutions; the IEP will secure MSVU transcript.

3. Faculty may conduct information interviews with applicants in early January.

4. All applicants must complete a written challenge exam on the specified date indicated in the application packages (early January). Applicants will have one hour to respond in writing to questions. Questions will be situational and deal with personal and professional issues related to Dietetic Internship. Sample questions from previous years will be posted prior to the exam date.


1. The MScAHN is a research-intensive, thesis-based program. Application to the MScAHN with the IEP is highly competitive – while high academic standing is necessary, research experience and student engagement in professional/student association/activities is very important.

2. Eligible students interested in the Internship Education Program may apply for the Program when applying for the MScAHN Program. To be considered for the MScAHN with the IEP, applicants must have graduated from a Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) accredited undergraduate program and meet the eligibility criteria outlined at: Admission Requirements.

3. Applications to the MScAHN with the Internship Education Program will be assessed and ranked by the Department of Applied Human Nutrition Graduate Studies Committee (DGSC). Successful candidates will be interviewed, in person or by conference call, by a sub-committee of the DGSC including the Internship Coordinator. The Graduate Studies Application Package is available online at www.msvu.ca/applynow.

4. Applicants accepted into the IEP must sign and return an IEP Formal Application Form and IEP Intern Terms and Conditions. This is to ensure applicants are aware of and accept the requirements of the Program. Applicants must also submit original copies of a Criminal Records Check including a Vulnerable Sector Search and a completed Health Screening/Immunization Form.

IEP Application Package Evaluation Criteria (updated July 2017)

Academic Performance 20 Points
External Confidential Reports 20 Points
Faculty Confidential Report 20 Points
Written Challenge/Cover Letter 20 Points
Resume 20 Points
Total 100 Points

A more detailed breakdown of the evaluation is available from the Internship Education Program Office.

Academic Performance
All required courses for the degree, including free and prescribed discipline electives are evaluated in the student’s application package.