Applied Human Nutrition Internship Education Program

There are several routes available to students for a dietetic internship. Students in the BScAHN (Dietetics) may apply to the Mount’s Internship Education Program (IEP). Alternately, students in their final year of study in the BScAHN (Dietetics) may apply through Dietitians of Canada for a post-degree dietetic internship. Students may also choose to pursue graduate studies in nutrition with a combined internship such as the Mount’s MScAHN plus IEP. All these routes are competitive with GPA requirements and well-defined assessment criteria.

The Internship Education Program at MSVU is unique in that it offers internship experience in diverse practice settings, both in traditional and nontraditional sectors. Therefore, it is important that interns are able to adapt to the diversity of the different placements. Sponsors identified that the following characteristics and skills can be attributed to intern success:

Characteristics of a Successful Intern

•  Self-Directed and Motivated Learner
“Research answers and questions independently, but know when to ask for assistance.”
“Shows initiative within competence limits.”
“Seeks means to fulfill competencies.”
“Ensure a sound nutrition knowledge base; prepare in advance; upgrade; don’t wing it.”
•  Flexible
•  Confident
•  Respectful to others
•  Passion for health and nutrition
•  Enthusiastic
•  Good work ethic – dedicated and committed
•  Open-minded and non-judgmental

Skills of a Successful Intern

•  Planning/Organization
•  Leadership/Teamwork
•  Communication – Interpersonal, Presentation, Written, Counseling
•  Time Management

This dietetic education program is accredited under the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) and prepares students for eligibility for registration with a provincial dietetics regulatory body.

Contact Information

Internship Education Program Office
Evaristus 323
Mount Saint Vincent University
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Halifax, NS B3M 2J6

Telephone: (902) 457-5063
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