Rebecca Green, MSc, PDt


Evaristus 354

457-6465 (phone)

443-4080 (fax)


Teaching Areas:

Ecological Perspectives of Food (NUTR 3326)

Nutrition Education in the Community (NUTR 4414)

Seminar in Nutrition (NUTR 4406)

Nutrition Health and Safety for the Developing Child and Adolescent (NUTR 2240)

Internship Supervision (NUTR 4501, 4502, 4503)


Research and Professional Interests:

I have a great interest and passion for an area of dietetics that is becoming quite popular: Community Food Security (CFS). CFS not only requires that all people can afford and access good nutritious food that meets their personal needs and maintains human dignity, CFS also requires that this food be produced and distributed in ways that are environmentally sustainable.


I am a member of the Nova Scotia Food Security Network’s Food Costing Working Group. This Provincial Food Costing Project uses participatory approaches to collect data on the cost and affordability of food for Nova Scotians. We use the data to critically examine policies and programs that could help, or may hinder, Nova Scotians’ access to nutritious food. This project is lead by Dr. Patty Williams.


For the past five years I have been a member of the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) – Halifax’s oldest non-profit environmental organization. The EAC has a “food action” subcommittee which I am a part of. We work to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefits of locally-produced food; and to promote socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable ways of growing, processing, and distributing food. Because nutrients come from food, I strongly believe dietitians need to become more aware of where their food comes from and how it was produced.


I am also a member of Dietitians of Canada (DC), the DC Nutrition & Food Security Network, the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association (NSDA), the Nova Scotia Nutrition Council (NSNC) and the Public Health Association of Nova Scotia (PHANS).


Selected Publications and Presentations:

Green R*, Ratcliff J*. Mixing Policy and Activism: The Poor and Sick Need to Eat Too. Canadian Public Health Association Annual Conference. Halifax, NS. June 1-4, 2008. (oral presentation)

Green RJ, Williams P, Johnson CS, Blum I. Can Canadian Seniors on Public Pensions Afford a Nutritious Diet? Canadian Journal on Aging. 2008 27(1)69-79.


Williams PL*, Green RJ, Blum I., Johnson CS., Johnson CP., Kratzmann ML., Anderson BJ., Chenhall C., Reimer D. Healthy Eating in Nova Scotia, Canada: Out of Reach for Some Vulnerable Populations. International Union for Health Promotion and Education. Health Promotion Comes of Age: Research, Policy & Practice for the 21st Century. Vancouver, BC. June 10-17, 2007. (oral presentation).


Williams P, Johnson C*, Blum I., Green R., Langille L., Reimer D., MacAulay R. The Affordability of Eating Nutritiously in Nova Scotia (NS): How do Low Income Households Fare in 2004/05? Recreation Nova Scotia and Alliance for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Annual Conference. Beddeck, NS. October 26, 2006. (oral presentation).


Williams P, Green RJ, Bas JA. Healthier Food, Healthier People Project: An Inventory Report of Atlantic Canada Food Security Initiatives. Prepared for: Office of Consumer and Public Involvement Health Products and Food Branch; Health Canada, Atlantic Regional Office and Public Health Agency of Canada, Atlantic Region. April 2006.