Dia Sanou

Dr. Dia Sanou, PhD

Assistant Professor

Evaristus 355


Phone: 902-457-6101

Fax: 902-457-6134


Education and Training:

Postdoc – Community nutrition (University of Alberta, Edmonton)

PhD – Nutrition (Laval University, Quebec City)

MSc and BSc – Food sciences and Human Nutrition (University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)

Certificate – Global nutrition (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden)



Research and Professional Interests:

My research interests fall within the area of population health with a focus on food and nutrition related disorders and disease in global context. I am particularly interested in understanding determinants of diet related disorders; process of development, implementation and evaluation of health interventions to prevent nutrition related diseases; nutrition programming of relevance to the agenda of international development particularly Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in developing countries.


My previous and current works predominantly focus on children and youth from disadvantaged communities including Canadian First Nations (obesity and related chronic diseases) and developing countries (micronutrient deficiencies). I am applying multi (qualitative, quantitative and mixed) and community participatory methodologies to health research to inform policy and guide the development/reshaping of health programmes. “Improving Aboriginal research implementation and outcomes using CIHR Guidelines for Health Research”, “Understanding Aboriginal parent’s and caregiver’s beliefs/perceptions and concerns towards their child health, and their readiness to make changes” and “Nutrition in the MDG agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa” are examples of research I am currently involved in.


My professional experience also includes working overseas (Africa) on nutrition research projects of relevance to the international agenda in collaboration with International Technical cooperation agencies (UNICEF), national organizations (i.e. National Nutrition Center and the National Public Health Laboratory in Burkina Faso), Centers of Higher Education (University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso), and non-governmental organizations. I served on several committees/councils of community-based organizations and academic institutions.


Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

Sanou D, Turgeon O’Brien H, Desrosiers T. Impact of an iron nutrition intervention on nutrient adequacy and growth of a group of preschool orphans and vulnerable children in rural Burkina Faso. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition (undergoing peer-review).


Sanou D, Bengaly MD. National nutrition policy in Burkina Faso: needs to reshape for better results. Biosanté 1: (in press, to be published in December 2009) [in french].


Sanou D, Turgeon O’Brien H, Desrosiers T. Nutrition intervention and adequate hygiene practices to improve iron status of vulnerable preschool Burkinabe children. Nutrition (in press – Available online 23 July 2009.


Pigford AE, Willows ND, Sanou D, DyckFederau D, Ball GDC. 2009. Levels of

obesity, abdominal adiposity, and physical activity for elementary-school aged Cree

children in Central Alberta. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism 34 (3): 505.


Sanou D, Turgeon O’Brien H, Ouedraogo S, Desrosiers T, 2008. Caring for orphans and vulnerable children in a context of poverty and cultural transition: a case study of a group foster home programme in Burkina Faso. Journal of Children and Poverty 14 (2): 139-155.


Sanou D, Turgeon O’Brien H, Desrosiers T, 2008. Prevalence and nondietary predictors of anaemia and iron deficiency among orphans and vulnerable preschool children of Burkina Faso. Nutrition Clinique et Métabolisme 22 (1) : 10-19 ([in french].


Sanou D, 2008. Iron deficiency anemia and Millenium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Proceedings of the 3rd AFRICASUM symposium “Millennium development Goals: conceptual and operational limitations in Sub-Saharan Africa”. University of Montreal, Canada. pp. 39-44 [in french].


Sanou D, Turgeon-O’Brien H, Desrosiers T, 2007. Modifying food patterns and sanitation can improve haematological status of preschool orphans from Burkina Faso. [Abstract] Annals of Nutrition et Metabolism 51 (Supplement 1) : 285.


Sanou D, Ouédraogo AM, Traoré AS, 2002. Stability of iodine in salt along the distribution chain and the households in Burkina Faso. In Manfred A, Müller R., Schaëfer U. and Stoeppler M. (eds) Macro and Trace Elements 21 : 1006-1011.


Sanou DE, Nikiema PN, Turner PC, Traore AS, 2002. Prevalence of aflatoxins and fumonisins in maize in Western Burkina Faso. [Abstract] South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition 15 (suppl 2) : S33.


Sanou DE, Sanon SL, Ouedraogo MA, 2002. Factors influencing iodine stability in iodized salt along the distribution chain in Burkina Faso. [Abstract] South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition 15 (suppl 2) : S34.


Recent Conference Presentations:

Sanou D, Bengaly MD, 2009. Reshaping nutrition programming in Sub-Saharan Africa to enhance the achievement of Millenium Development Goals. To be presented at 16th Annual Canadian Conference on International Health. October 25-28, 2009. Ottawa, Canada.


Sanou D, Turgeon-O’Brien, Desrosiers T, 2009. Factors associated with repletion of iron status in a group of Burkinabe preschool children. To be presented at the 19th International Congress of Nutrition 2009. October 4-9, 2009. Bangkok, Thailand.


Pigford AE, Sanou D, Dyckfedehrau D, Ball GDC, Willows ND, 2009. Levels of obesity, abdominal adiposity and physical activity for Cree elementary schoolchildren in Central Alberta. 2009 Joint CSNS & CSCN Annual Scientific Meeting. May 31 – June 2, 2009 Quebec City. Canada.


Pigford A, Sanou D, Dyckfedehrau D, Ball GDC, Willows ND, 2009. Obesity and physical activity among Cree schoolchildren in Central Alberta. 1st National Obesity Summit. May 7-10, 2009. Kananaskis, Alberta.


Sanou D, Turgeon-O’Brien, Compaore R et Desrosiers T, 2008. Risk factors associated with growth retardation among preschool children cared for by non relative in Burkina Faso. 3rd African Nutritional Epidemiology Congress. October 13-16, 2008. Cairo, Egypt.


Sanou D, Desrosiers T, Turgeon-O’Brien H, 2008. Effets d’une intervention alimentaire sur les apports nutritionnels et le statut en fer d’un groupe d’orphelins et enfants vulnérables d’âge préscolaire du Burkina Faso. 76th ACFAS Congress on May 5-9, 2008. Quebec, Canada.


Sanou D, 2008. Iron deficiency anaemia and millenium development goals in SubSaharian Africa. 3rd AFRICASUM (Réseau des Étudiants de l’Université de Montréal pour la Recherche et la Promotion du bien-être des populations en Afrique) symposium. January 25-26, 2008. University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada.


Sanou D, Turgeon O’Brien H, Nezien D, Kagambega JF, Desrosiers T, 2007. Prevalence and risk factors of iron deficiency anaemia among a group of 1-6 years orphans from Central Burkina Faso. 1st Federation of African Nutrition Society (FANUS) conference. May, 7-9, 2007. Ouarzazate, Morocco.


Sanou D, Turgeon-O’Brien H, Desrosiers T, 2007. Enhancement of dietary iron with modification of eating habits could be a sustainable and relevant prevention strategy to control iron deficiency anaemia in preschool children. 1st Federation of African Nutrition Society (FANUS) conference. May 7-9, 2007. Ouarzazate, Morocco