These recipes, adapted from the 1992 Day Care Menu Planning Manual, have costs and food group servings calculated. Please note that to enable these calculations, the amounts of ingredients used in the recipes are in metric measures (g, kg, ml or l).


We hope to build on this list over time. If you have a recipe you would like to add, please download and fill out the RecipeTemplate.

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See Calculating Food Group Servings from Recipes for an example on how to do this calculation. 


 Meat  Poutlry  Fish

 Autumn Stew


 Chicken Loaf Supreme

 Chunky Chicken Casserole


 Simple Salmon Loaf
 Meat Alternates  Soups & Chowders  Baked Goods & Snacks

 Black Bean Burrito

 Lentil Burgers

 Lentil Loaf

 Vegetarian Pasta Bake

 Tasty Tomato Soup

 Tuna Corn Chowder

 Banana Muffins

 Curried Carrot Dip 

 Fruit Crumble

 Homemade Graham Crackers
 Zucchini Muffins


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