Employment Options for Students Interested in Nutrition Related CareersMaybe you are currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science AHN (Dietetics) Program here at the Mount, but you do not think that a career as a dietitian is the right choice for you. Or perhaps you are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science AHN (Nutrition) Program and are looking for career options in nutrition related fields. There are so many options for students with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition to find careers in various fields, or use their Bachelor degrees as a starting point for continued education.

For some of the following career options additional training or certification may be necessary. However, a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (BScAHN) is a great starting point for reaching these exciitng career paths.

Students with a BScAHN can find employment with numerous organizations, including:

Health Canada
Health Canada offers a wide variety of jobs to candidates with university degrees in science and health related field. Check out the Health Canada website for more information on careers.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
If you are interested in food safety and security, than maybe a career with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is right for you. The CFIA offers a wide variety of career opportunities to graduates of university with a degree in science or a related field. For example, with an undergraduate degree from any recognized university, individuals can work in Communications as a Communications Specialist or Advisor for CFIA.

School Systems
Most universities offer a 1-2 year Bachelor of Education degree that can be completed following a four-year Bachelor degree. A BSc in Applied Human Nutrition from the Mount is a great starting point for anyone interested in becoming a teacher in subjects like food science, home economics, nutrition, or other science related material at the elementary or secondary school levels. 

Regional Hospitals and Health Care Centers
Regional hospitals and heath care centers offer employment in nutrition related roles such as Dietetic Technicians or Dietetic Aids. Individuals with degrees in science, food or nutrition related programs can also find casual employment options in Food and Nutritional Services within the healthcare field. If you are hoping to become a Registered Dietitian in the future, these jobs are great starting points to gain relevant work experience! In Nova Scotia, there are 9 District Health Authorities. For a full list of health sites and Nova Scotia hospitals, visit the Government of Nova Scotia website.

Careers in the Food Industry
Individuals with university degrees in science, food or nutrition related programs can find employment in the food industry. Some examples of companies in Canada that hire individuals with backgrounds in these areas include: ARAMARK Canada, O.H. Armstrong Limited, Campbell’s Company of Canada, and Kraft Canada.  These companies specialize in food services and offer employment opportunities in culinary, finances, human resources, marketing, sales, and creating new food products or developing technology to enhance existing products.

Food Industry Companies also hire individuals with a background in nutrition to manage certain projects, or form the link between their food products and the laws and regulations set by Health Canada surrounding food safety and labeling. Some of these employment opportunities would be found in areas such as:

  • Nutrition Management and Regulatory Affairs
  • Project Coordination for Nutrition Companies
  • Product Health Claims Research

Pharmaceutical Companies
There are a lot of career opportunities for those with a Bachelor of Science to begin a career in the pharmaceutical industry. With a career in the pharmaceutical industry, employees work as a part of a team with various health and business professionals to test new medications and supplements, or develop new products.

Food and Nutrition Manager
Individuals with a degree in Nutrition, Dietetics, or Food Service Administration can find employment within the food service industry as a Food and Nutrition Manager. Experience working in food service or additional training may be necessary to meet the qualification requirements for this position. For more inforamtion visit the Canadian Society for Nutrition Management (CSNM).

These are just a few options that students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition from the Mount can look into for future career ideas. With a positive attitude, determination to succeed and a little imagination, the career possibilities are endless!