CCAPlogoThis program, sponsored by the Association, is one of the vehicles available to those interested in advancing their professional development. The educational classes are available through distance, online and lecture courses from universities and colleges across Canada. The requirements for work experience and demonstrated core competencies will provide validation/mastery of skills related to the role of an advanced administrative professional. The program consists of three compulsory courses and four elective courses.

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Dr. Elsie Henderson – 902.457.6486 – McCain 405Q

Program Information

The main purpose of the Association of Administrative Professionals/Assocation des Professionnels de l’administration is to encourage people in the business world to continuously upgrade their professionalism through continuing education. The Association is confident that the advantages of advanced learning will be of mutual benefit to the company and the Administrative Professional.

  • The CCAP Program is a certificate program for office professionals. Association members are encouraged to attain the designation, Qualified Administrative Assistant. The CCAP designation is achieved by meeting the required two years’ work experience and proven mastery of core competencies* compiled by employers across the country as being crucial to the role of an advanced-level office professional. The educational component of the CCAP designation is met by completing seven courses available at accredited universities and colleges across Canada.
  • These courses can be completed through university distance, lecture and / or online courses. The program consists of three compulsory courses and four elective courses. It will provide a valuable background in general business education. Although course titles and contents vary somewhat in different educational institutions, the courses will assist office personnel in understanding corporate initiatives and in being a valuable team member of their organization.
  • Students have seven (7) years to complete their program requirements, starting from the date of their first course.

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