Donation Policy


The Mount Saint Vincent University Library is pleased to receive gifts of books and periodicals from faculty, students, alumnae, and members of the community.

Donors wishing to contribute to the University should seek prior approval by providing a list of titles they wish to donate, and understand that some titles may be disposed of if they are not suitable for the Library collection.

Due to the costs involved in processing such material, the Library has established guidelines for donations.


Guidelines and Procedures

Material Accepted for Donation
When more than 30 items are being offered for donation, the Library requires an itemized list (title, author, date) to ensure that the material is of the nature sought by the Library. The list of books to be donated will be evaluated for acceptance by the Collections Development Librarian or delegate in consultation with interested Library Coordinators or other experts.


Evaluation of Material


Evaluation of material is based on:

the condition of the material. Musty, mildewed, or insect-damaged books will not be accepted.
how appropriate the material is to MSVU’s programs of study. Many faculty stress the currency of sources.
availability of material. Classic, out of print titles are often valuable.

language. Non-English titles may be considered if they are titles appropriate for courses taught at MSVU or have been requested by faculty/students for specific use.


The Library will not accept material currently in its collection or available at another local Novanet library (Dalhousie, SMU, NSCAD, DalTec, AST) unless worthwhile to meet demand or enhance weak collections.


Receiving Donations

Fewer than 30 items:

Material may be left at the Circulation Desk any time the library is open. Donors should indicate how many items are being donated and address the material to the Collections Development Librarian. If a tax receipt is requested attach a donation form to the material.

More than 30 items:

The same procedure as above, after the donation list has been approved.

Searching Material

Donated material can be sorted into 3 categories:


Material not available in a Novanet library. Material meeting our evaluation criteria (pt.2) is kept and forwarded to the Cataloguing Department for processing.


Material available in a Novanet library, other than MSVU. Material is discarded unless useful to MSVU’s collection.


Material already held by MSVU’s library, once shelf or loan status is confirmed. Material can be discarded outright if duplicate/ replacement copies are not required.

Fair Market Value Appraisal and Tax Receipts

When requested, tax receipts will be issued for that portion of the donation which is kept by MSVU’s Library. Material not retained for cataloguing will not be considered for tax receipt purposes. The Library will not appraise books or other material that are not to be kept in the Library collection.

A fair market value will be assigned to gifts of an ordinary nature which are added to the collection. If donated material is deemed rare, of a special nature, or exceeds a value of $1000.00, the donor will seek a third party appraisal and is responsible for all costs.

The Collections & Archives Librarian or delegate will determine a fair market value for the material being kept by the Library. Appraisals are made based on the guidelines outlined in Revenue Canada’s Gifts and Income Tax .

Issuing Tax Receipts

The Collections & Archives Librarian or delegate, having determined a fair market value for the material being kept by the Library, will communicate this information, i.e. number of items, brief bibliographic record, and their total dollar amount, to the Alumnae and Development Office, which in turn will issue a tax receipt to the donor.

Processing Time

A set time for accepting, processing, and evaluating donated material cannot be guaranteed.

Disposing of Material

While the Library reserves the right to dispose of all donations as it sees fit, material not kept is usually donated to another library or sold to raise funds.

Letters and Forms

A letter is forwarded to the Development Manager for the issue of a tax receipt, with a second letter of thanks mailed to the donor.
Forms are filled out by donors requesting tax receipts when the Library receives the material.


Statistics are kept on who donated material, date, subject of material, total donations received, total donations kept, total donations discarded, and the amount of the tax receipt if issued. A summary of donations processed can be attached to the Library’s annual report.