The Petro-Canada Library Fund

Terms of Reference for Purchasing Against the Fund:
Requests for purchases charged to the Petro-Canada fund will be evaluated according to the following descending order of priority:

  • Material ( i.e. any print or non-print information resource) that directly supports courses or research focusing on Women’s Studies.

  • Material on Women’s Studies not available in Halifax.

  • Material related to Women’s Studies not available in Halifax. For example, publications that are only in part related to Women’s Studies (these may include books with chapters related to Women’s Studies or journals that have special issues focusing on Women’s Studies).

  • Duplicate material on, or related to Women’s Studies (i.e. material held at Dalhousie, SMU, AST, NSCAD), unless it is required for a course.

Note: Faculty may be contacted by the Petro-Canada Library Co-ordinator when duplicate requests are received, for the purpose of making the requester aware that the material is already in the metro area and to ensure that an additional copy is needed at MSVU. If faculty knowingly request duplicate material for a course it would be helpful to note “required for course” on the order form.

Within the subdisciplines of Women’s Studies, priority will be given to:
subject areas where demand is very high (based on courses taught, circulation statistics, reference queries, etc.), recognizing that demand changes over time,
areas of active research, and
subject areas where there are recognized weaknesses or gaps in the collection, with due attention to changing collection priorities over time.

Subject Area Priorities:
1993-1995: Based on the review of the Women’s Studies library collection for the then proposed Joint Master of Arts in Women’s Studies offered by MSVU, SMU, and Dalhousie, conducted in the spring of 1993, the subject area priorities identified  at that time were: a. Social Issues b. Health / Sexuality.















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