Women’s Studies Department Profile


Interdisciplinary BA with a major in Women’s Studies in the 20 unit program. BA Honours ( 20 units) in Women’s Studies including an Honours thesis ( 1 unit), or BA with a major in Women’s Studies and an Honours Certificate.

MA in Women and Gender Studies. A joint degree offered by Saint Mary’s and Mount Saint Vincent Universities, 5 units : 3 units of course work and a 2 unit thesis.

Women emphasis courses are offered by the departments of Business Administration, English, Fine Arts, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology / Anthropology.

Collection Analysis:
Subject Areas
LC Class Ranges
Current Collecting Intensity using Collection Level Codes

Women in Comparative Religion
BL 458

Biography of Women (Collective)
CT 3200-3830

Afro-American Women
E 185.86

Manners and Customs
Food Customs
GT 1-7070

GT 2850-2920

Women in the Workplace
HD 6050-6223

Sexual Life. Sexual Ethics. Lesbianism. Prostitution. Pornography.
HQ 12-472

Family and Marriage including:
Family Size. Birth Control. Abortion.
Family Violence
HQ 503-1051

HQ 760-767.7
HQ 809-809.3

HQ 1058-1058.5

Social Gerontology
HQ 1059-1064

Sex Roles
HQ 1075-1075.5

Women and Feminism. Women’s History.
HQ 1101-1992

Social Services for Women.
HV 1442-1448

Violence Against Women and Children. Rape. Wife Abuse.
HV 6556-6627

Women and Peace Movements
JX 1962 – 1965

Education of Special Classes incl. Women
LC 1401-2572

Women in Film
PN 1995.9 W

Gynecology and Obstetrics
Conception. Artificial Insemination. Contraception. Sterilization.
Maternal Care
RG 1-991

RG 133-138
RG 551-591
RG 940-991

Women and Minorities in the Armed Forces
UB 405-419

Women and Minorities in the Navies
VB 324-325

Exclusive of HQ, most of the class divisions throughout the Library of Congress classification identify sub-sections for women -emphasis materials.
The classes listed above are a small sample to indicate the scatter.

Women’s Studies materials are used by faculty and students in Applied Human Nutrition, Sociology, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Family Studies & Gerontology, Biology, Political Studies, Public Policy Studies, Business Administration, Cultural Studies, English, Modern Languages, Education, Public Relations, Economics, Canadian Studies, and Speech and Drama.

Materials are selected by Women’s Studies faculty and librarians. Faculty in other departments order appropriate materials using the PetroCanada Fund under the co-ordination of a librarian. Librarians use the Reference allocation as well to select dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, statistical compendia, and indexes. The librarians use the checklists distributed by the depository services to acquire relevant government publications issued by Statistics Canada, and the various women’s bureaus and co-ordinating agencies. The librarians also acquire some reports from international women’s organizations.

Current English language works are ordered, although there may be a need for retrospective selection and for searching the out of print market. Journals are an important resource; many of the titles in our collection are not duplicated elsewhere in Novanet. Videotapes and dvds will be ordered, and fully catalogued for Novanet.

The library maintains extensive research collections on microform useful to Women’s Studies: for the history of women – the Gerritsen Collection and the History of Women Collection, and collections pertaining to the involvement of women historically in the peace movement. Any donation pertaining to women’s studies is a desirable acquisition, particularly if out of print or not currently held in the Novanet system. Works on Canadian women are useful even as duplicate copies. Many online texts in women’s history and creative life are now available from our CRKN agreement with Alexander Street Press, and from access to primary source materials in Defining Gender 1450-1910. Many full-text dissertations and theses are now accessible from the ProQuest PDDT database.

Popular works without academic interest. Unpublished dissertations, manuscripts. Note: The University Archives is interested in acquiring M.S.V.U. Honours and Masters theses, and the papers of women associated with the University, including honourary degree recipients.

Other Local Collections:
Killam Library – Dalhousie University. Patrick Power Library – Saint Mary’s University. Nova Scotia Provincial Archives.

If considered as a single entity , the holdings in Women’s Studies at Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, and the Mount should approach the Collection Level 3b -Study or Instructional Support Level, Advanced defined in the Guide For Written Collection Policy Statements ( American Library Association, 1989) as adequate to support undergraduate and some graduate instruction.