Tourism and Hospitality Management Department Profile


Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (BTHM): 20 units of academic course work plus 3 terms of co-op education work terms or 2 terms of  practica. The course work consists of 11 units of required courses, 4 units of tourism and hospitality electives chosen with a specialization in either hospitality management or tourism development, 3 units of arts and science electives, 1/2 unit of humanities elective 1/2 unit of free elective, and 1 unit of a modern language.


The program ” is designed to answer the need for university-educated professionals in the hospitality and tourism fields. “The program builds on the strengths of a business education and integrates the theories of tourism development and hospitality management to give the graduate an understanding of the key areas of the industry.” (MSVU calendar)


Collection Analysis:
Subject Areas
LC Class Ranges
Current Collecting Intensity using Collection Level Codes

Travel and the State. The Tourist Trade.
G 149-180

Recreation. Leisure. Recreation Services, Areas, and Facilities. Outdoor Life.
GV 1-200.6

Hospitality Industry. Food Service.
TX 901-953


Materials selected for the Tourism and Hospitality Management program are also used by faculty and students in Applied Human Nutrition, Business Administration, Economics, and Canadian Studies.

Materials are selected by Tourism and Hospitality Management faculty and the librarians. The librarians use the Reference allocation to select dictionaries, indexes , bibliographies, atlases, and statistical compendia. The librarians use the checklists distributed by the depository services to select appropriate government publications. Many of these are now accessible on the internet.

Current English language publications are ordered. Journals are an important resource, and some of the titles in our collection are not duplicated elsewhere in Novanet. The full-text capability of Business Source Premier and CBCA (Canadian Business and Current Affairs) provides a useful complement to our print holdings. The Hospitality and Tourism Index, although not full-text, provides links to articles available online from Academic Search Premier. Key electronic journals in the areas of tourism, hospitality and leisure studies are available from the Library’s subscriptions to Sage Full-Text Collections, Elsevier Science Direct, Taylor & Francis Social Sciences & Humanities, and Wiley InterScience.

The Library also provides access to the Conference Board of Canada E-Library and the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council online publications.

The University is a member of the Data Liberation Initiative from Statistics Canada which provides access to E-Stat and to tourism related Statistics Canada series.

Videotapes, dvds, and software packages are ordered and fully catalogued for Novanet. Donations are accepted with particular attention to Canadian oriented works. Textbooks are added to the collection if recently published , or newer editions of works already in the collection.

Unpublished dissertations, manuscripts, collections of journal article reprints, popular works without academic interest. First-person accounts by travelers are rarely acquired under this allocation and are more appropriate acquisitions using the General fund.  Newsletters are usually not retained for more than one year, unless their contents are indexed.

Other Local Collections:
Killam Library – Dalhousie University. Patrick Power Library – Saint Mary’s University.