Information Technology Department Profile

Bachelor of Applied Arts – Information Technology BAA (INFO) degree program requires 20 units of credit with 3 additional compulsory co-op work terms beginning in the 2nd year for a total of 8 academic terms and 3 work terms.

“The objective of the Bachelor of Applied Arts ( Information Technology) program is to provide specialized undergraduate education in information technology and integrated office systems. In addition to systems and information technology courses that provide essential knowledge and expertise, students will take traditional arts and business courses intended to develop management skills. Graduates will be able to perform effectively in the fields of office systems and information technology.” ( MSVU Calendar)

Collection Analysis:
Subject Areas
LC Class Ranges
Current Collecting Intensity by Collection Level Code

Archival Science
CD 921-4280

Telecommunications Industry. Broadcasting.
HE 7601-8700.9

Office Equipment and Supplies
HF 5520-5541

Office Organization and Management
HF 5546-5548.6

Business Communication
Records Management
HF 5717-5746


Cybernetics. Information Theory.
Q 300-390

Computers. Computer Science.
QA 75.5-76.765

Communication of Technical Information
T 10.5- 11.9

Information Technology
T 58.5-58.64

T 59.5

Technological Change
T 173.2-174.5

Telecommunications Technology. Radio. Television. Telephone. Computer Networks.
TK 5101-6720

Computer Engineering. Computer Hardware. Data Storage.
TK 7885-7895

Keyboarding. Word Processing. Phonography.
Z 49-102


Information Science. Information Networks.
Z 674.2-674.83

Information Technology materials are also used by faculty and students in Business Administration, Public Relations, Computer Studies and Mathematics, Economics, Canadian Studies, and Political Studies.

Materials are selected by Information Technology faculty. The librarians use the Reference allocation to order specialized dictionaries, glossaries, indexes, bibliographies, and the General allocation to order books in the related areas of library and information science. Some books on archival management are ordered by the University Archivist. The librarians also select government documents from the checklists issued by the depository services, in particular, publications relating to Canadian information policy and recent developments in telecommunications . Much of this material is now available on the internet.

Current English language works with North American imprints are selected. Software packages,dvds, and videotapes will be ordered and fully catalogued for Novanet. Journals are an important resource and the Mount library has some print titles not duplicated elsewhere in Novanet. Business Source Premier and CBCA are  major business research databases with a full-text capability which supplements our print holdings for journals in information technology and office administration. Donations of textbooks published within the previous 3 years, or newer editions of titles presently in the collection, are accepted.

Unpublished dissertations, manuscripts, workbooks and other consumables, lab manuals, collections of journal article reprints.

Other Local Collections:
DalTech. Patrick Power Library – Saint Mary’s University. Dalhousie – Killam Library.