PhD in Educational Studies

Dean of Education
Antony Card, EdD (University of Southampton)

Mount Saint Vincent University Doctoral Program Coordinato
Ardra Cole, EdD (University of Toronto, Professor (until December 31, 2019)

Mount Saint Vincent University Doctoral Faculty Representative
Melissa McGonnell, PhD (Dalhousie), Registered Psychologist, Associate Professor

Residency and Period of StudyStudents must complete 4.0 units of coursework (GEDU 9001-9005, 9010) by undertaking full-time studies during four consecutive terms (14 month residency). Candidates who have defended their comprehensive portfolio may choose to attend on a part-time basis while completing their proposal and dissertation. They must defend their dissertation within three years after the comprehensive examination, but no later than six years after entering the doctoral program, unless an extension has been granted. Students must register in a minimum of 1.0 unit per year.

Program Requirements

Note: Students take GEDU 9001 and 9002 on site in July at one of the three universities. The site for these two courses will rotate amongst the three universities from year-to-year. Students complete GEDU 9010 and 9100 with their dissertation advisor and their committee at their Home Institution of Record. The remaining courses are delivered using an e-learning platform.

Note: In some instances, doctoral students may arrange to enrol in an existing topic-related Master level course, augmented with doctoral level analysis and applications.

Note: Doctoral students have the right to take courses and seminars and use the academic facilities of any of the three participating universities in accordance with their approved plan of study.

Required Courses
❏ GEDU 9001 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9002 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9003 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9004 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9005 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9010 1.5 units
❏ GEDU 9100 3.0 units

Required/Electives Courses
At the time of admission, students will be advised if they are required, and they may choose, to complete (in consultation with pro tem advisor and with approval from IDAC):

❏ GEDU 9006 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9007 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9008 0.5 unit
❏ GEDU 9009 0.5 unit


Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2022-2023 academic year which runs from September 01, 2022 to August 31, 2023.

For information on previous years, please consult the University Academic Calendars web page.

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