AJohnsonAmanda Johnson (Graduate, 2015)

“After completing a B.A. in History and Political Science from Dalhousie University, I was eager to begin my journey as an educator so I enrolled in the Mount’s B.Ed. program. The Mount was appealing to me for many reasons; small class size, lengthy practicum experiences and the opportunity to work in the areas that I loved. Over the course of two years, my passion and enthusiasm for teaching was fostered by professors and classmates and most of all by the student teaching placements. Through the B.Ed. Job Fair held at the Mount I have a full time teaching position lined up for the fall. My time at the Mount has shaped who I am as an educator and I am eager to put the knowledge I have aquired to use in my own classroom.”

T SparksTiffany Sparks (Graduate, 2014)

“I decided to apply to the B.Ed. program after 6 years in the workforce and now that I have completed the program I have no doubts that I made the right decision. One of the great things about this program is the small class sizes and the relationships that you develop with you classmates and professors. You create small communities with people from many different backgrounds, it’s great to get support from different perspectives.”

Josh BeatonJosh Beaton (Graduate, 2014)

“The length of the Mount practicum is what initially caught my attention. I wanted to enroll in an education program that provided the best on the job, so to speak. One of the main advantages of a longer practicum is that it allows more opportunities for supervisors to come in and observe our teaching methods. In speaking with some friends in other education programs throughout Atlantic Canada I know that they do not have as many observations from supervisors as we do here at the Mount. And for me, more observation means more feedback, and more feedback means more opportunity to work on our teaching practices.”

Heidi JanesHeidi Janes (Graduate, 2012)

“In 2006, I began my journey at the Mount when I was accepted into the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Child and Youth Study) program. The Mount was exactly what I was looking for in a university: specialized programs, small class sizes, opportunities to get involved and a supportive community environment that was not overwhelming. The Mount’s Education program offers a variety of courses and several alternative practicum, which is not typical of most other education programs. This provides graduates with several diverse experiences and supports them to explore a range of opportunities upon graduation. My experience teaching in the North for the past two years has been extremely rewarding. I have learned so much as an educator and owe much of this experience to the alternative northern teaching practicum, which was offered through the B.Ed. program at the Mount. Overall, my experience at the Mount was incredible. I took chances, got involved, met some amazing people, and learned more than I could ever have imagined. If you are considering taking your B.Ed. degree at the Mount then think no more! Do it!”

Katie JollimoreKatie Jollimore (Graduate, 2012)

Before going to the Mount, I did my undergrad (a double major in chemistry and math) at Dalhousie University. I graduated from Dalhousie in 2010. I am currently working at NSCC in a full-time, full-year term. I teach math in their school of access. I love it! For those thinking of completing their education degree at the Mount- do it! The Mount has an amazing faculty, small classes, and a huge plus- alternative practicum opportunities. Alternative practicums give you a chance to experience alternative careers within the education field outside of the traditional public school system for a month.

In my second year I applied for the chance to do an alternative practicum at NSCC. I loved my public school practicums, but when I spent my time at NSCC I really found my passion and my niche. This opportunity led to a casual – paid! – position at NSCC three weeks after graduation!

Last school year (2012-2013) I taught casual again and then through the summer I competed for the position I hold now! I am so thankful for the opportunities that the Mount gave me and the support they gave too! Going to the Mount was the best decision I made! I love my career and couldn’t see myself doing anything else!”

Lisa MacDonaldLisa MacDonald

“When asked, “Why do you want to become a teacher?” the most popular responses are “Because I love kids” or “I want my summers off”. For me, neither of these reasons fuelled the drive that put me on the path to education. In fact, I didn’t know why I wanted to be a teacher until I become one. Teaching is human work. For me, teaching is not caring about what children will become, but rather who they will become. I have learned through 10 years of teaching that the days I left my classroom and felt the most successful were not the days that I taught a great math lesson. Rather, they were the days that a student left a note behind saying I was the best teacher in the world. And, most of the time, this was from the student that challenged my teaching and strategies the most. You see, I was the best teacher in the world because I provided the means for something to change inside them. I was the best teacher in the world because I made them matter. For me, one of the best things about teaching is this human work, because while I’m providing this for others, they provide this for me. I have learned a lot about myself through this profession. I have learned to be patient, organized, social, brave, humble, forgiving, loving, and creative. It is one of the places in my life that lets me be at my best.

The B.Ed. degree at Mount Saint Vincent University is a stellar program due to the expertise of the professors, the diligence of the administrative staff, the opportunities to continue learning (Masters degrees), and the practicum component. I found the B.Ed. courses to have provided me with a theoretical foundation of best practices. I felt pedagogically prepared for the classroom and I knew I could call upon any professor or support staff after graduation for continued support and conversation. The practicum offered me a pragmatic component, experiences that I could connect with the theory I learned in my courses. I was also paired with progressive teachers that cared about the profession and held integrity in their work. Within all this, I developed a network of professionals in the Halifax Regional School Board and close relationships with the fellow students in my B.Ed. cohort or ‘route’. Many of us continue to keep in touch and support each other as our profession becomes more complex and layered. Mount Saint Vincent University is a place that understands education as an endeavour and as human work. This is evident in the professional work of the professors and their commitment to shaping educators. I feel very accomplished from having participated in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the Mount and their vision and growth continues to inspire me on the path of life-long learning.”