Frequently Asked Questions by Work Experience Students

When do I complete my work experience terms?
Work experience terms are completed during the summer semesters due to demands in the tourism industry. You will complete your first work experience term in the summer after you’ve finished 9-11 units of study. Your second work experience term will be completed after finishing 14-16 units of study. In February prior to completing each work term, the Co-op Team will contact you to attend an information session.

How long do I have to finish the work experience requirements?
You will have four months (May – August) to complete 455 hours of career-related work and submit your final report.

What if I cannot meet the 455 hour requirement in four months?
If you cannot complete 455 hours of work within four months, an additional four month extension will be provided. You will receive a grade of IP (In Progress) after the first four month period until you’ve completed the work experience requirements. Extensions will not be approved for the purpose of completing the work term report.

How do I find a work term?
It is your responsibility to secure a job or a volunteer opportunity to earn your 455 hours. You should begin your job search early so you’re ready to begin working in May. Here are some recommended sites where you can begin your job search

How much does each work experience term cost?
Each work experience term costs ½ unit of tuition and is payable to Financial Services.

How do I get a Work Visa?
If you are an international student, you will need a Work Visa in order to get a paid work experience position in Canada. Visit the Mount’s International Education Centre by the end of February before your first work experience term to apply for the Work Visa.

How do I find out more information about the work experience program?
Contact the Mount’s Co-op Team at