Information for Practica Students

The tourism & hospitality management practica program allows you to integrate academic studies with related work experience and gives you an opportunity to determine career goals. You will also have an opportunity to build on previous experience while maintaining flexibility in your academic scheduling.

You will complete one practica work term (THMT 2299) if you are in the Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management program and two work terms (THMT 2299 and THMT 3399 (if you are in the Bachelor of Tourism & hospitality Management program.

Each practica work term:

  • can be paid or unpaid;
  • can have the hours accumulated by more than one position and/or employer; and
  • must be related to the tourism & hospitality industry.

You meet the requirements for practica if you fall under one of the following criteria (for Bachelor degree students):

  • you are a part-time student;
  • you are completing the degree through distance learning;
  • you have 7.5 units or more of transfer credits; or
  • you are a full-time student with at least two years of full-time industry experience prior to beginning your degree.

Note: All Diploma students must complete practica.

Practica Term Requirements

In order for you to successfully complete your practica term, you must provide the following information to the Co-op Office:

  • a job description for the position(s) you have secured, related to tourism & hospitality;
  • a final practica report (see guidelines below); and
  • a confirmation of 455 hours on company letterhead or an email from your supervisor.

Practica Project Guidelines