Information for Public Relations (Work Experience Option) Students

The public relations work experience program allows you to integrate academic studies with full-time paid career-related experience in an organizational setting: corporate, non-profit or government. The program also gives you an opportunity to explore and determine career goals.

You will complete two work experience terms (PBRL 1199 and PBRL 2299).

Each work experience term must be:

  • related to public relations;
  • paid;
  • full-time (at least 35 hours per week); and
  • at least 13 weeks.

Work Experience Program Eligibility

You meet the requirements for the public relations work experience option, rather than the co-operative education option, if you fall under one of the following criteria:

  • you are a part-time student;
  • you are completing the degree through distance learning; or
  • you have 7.5 units or more of transfer credits.

Work Experience Term Requirements

In order for you to successfully complete a work experience term, you must:

  • have your position approved as an eligible work experience term by the Co-operative Education Office
  • complete the work term position (at least 13 weeks); and
  • complete a final work term report (see guidelines below).

Work Term Sequencing

The following schedule depicts the typical sequencing for the Bachelor of Public Relations (Work Experience Option) program:

Year 1 (September – December Term): Academic Term 1
Year 1 (January – April Term): Academic Term 2
Year 1 (May – August Term): Free
Year 2 (September – December Term): Academic Term 3
Year 2 (January – April Term): Academic Term 4
Year 2 (May – August Term): Work Experience 1
Year 3 (September – December Term): Academic Term 5
Year 3 (January – April Term): Academic Term 6
Year 3 (May – August Term): Work Experience 2
Year 4 (September – December Term): Academic Term 7
Year 4 (January – April Term): Academic Term 8

Work Term Report Guidelines

Public Relations (Work Experience Option) Work Term Report Guidelines – Reflective Report


Each January, the Co-op Office will contact all public relations students scheduled to complete a work experience term in the upcoming spring/summer semester. Students will be invited to attend a required information session.

Contact the Co-op Office or the Department of Communication Studies for additional information.

Co-operative Education
McCain Centre, 312

Department of Communication Studies
McCain Centre, 305