Principles of Recruitment

Mount Saint Vincent University is committed to the delivery of high quality academic programming. The Mount demonstrates this commitment by adopting the recruiting ethics and the accreditation standards of Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL). The recruiting ethics maintain the integrity of the co-op competition process, while Accreditation sets the national quality standards for co-operative education programs. The responsibilities of each of the partners (the student, the employer, and the institution) are described below:

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Abide by the co-op policies and procedures of the institution
  • Ensure that employers are provided with accurate and appropriate information regarding their qualifications and interests
  • To proceed with a co-op position once a job offer has been accepted
  • Honor their acceptance of work term as a contractual agreement with the employer
  • Not provide information to employers about other students or employers
  • To fully participate in the evaluation process (setting a personal learning plan, participating in the work site visit, reviewing the employer evaluation form and completing the work term report/project

It is the employer’s responsibility to:

  • Respect the institution’s schedules regarding co-op position postings, interview arrangements and the direct offer process
  • Provide accurate job posting information including salary, location and dates of employment
  • Provide reasonable notice of candidates to be interviewed and of interview cancellations
  • Allow all co-op position offers to be made through the Co-op Office and not discuss offers with candidates before, during or following an interview
  • Not seek a candidate’s assessment of other candidates
  • Honour all job offers and not renege accepted offers or rescind offers of employment
  • Confirm all co-op position offers in writing
  • Not translate a co-op assignment into a full-time position, encouraging a student to settle for less education
  • To fully participate in the evaluation process (setting a personal learning plan for the co-op student, participating in the work site visit and completing the employer evaluation form)

It is the institution’s responsibility to:

  • Inform students, employers, and other interested parties of the policies and procedures
  • Provide equal services to all student and employers
  • Accommodate employers’ reasonable requests for position postings and interview space
  • Where available, provide students with accurate information (including promotional materials and salary/benefits), on all recruiting employers