Frequently Asked Questions

What can a co-op student do?

Here are some typical job functions. If you’d like to discuss specific aspects of your position, contact the Co-op Team for information about the general tasks students perform at various points during their education.

Do I have to pay a co-op student?

Yes. All Co-op terms are paid, full-time employment with a minimum of 35 hours per week.

How long are co-op terms?

Average length for a co-op term is 14-16 weeks. For tourism students it can range from 13-24 weeks.

Do you pre-screen applicants? Do you call references?

No, the Co-op Team facilitates the hiring process. To maintain fairness and equity we cannot screen résumés for employers, make selection recommendations, or call references.

If I post a job do I have to hire?

An employer is never asked to hire a student s/he considers unacceptable. As a result some students may not secure jobs and some employers may not obtain students.

Is there any contact with the university after the student is hired?

We encourage employers to contact the Co-op office at any time if there is a need or an issue. More formalized contact with employers by mail, email and in-person throughout the co-op term includes a confirmation of the hire, a work site visit with the university representative, and an end-of-term evaluation of the student.

Does the student pass or fail based on my appraisal?

Your evaluation is a part of a student’s final grade. In addition to your evaluation, a student’s grade consists of the work site visit, the student’s successful completion of an in-depth work term project, the completion of learning objectives and a return-to-campus debriefing session with faculty.

How many years / terms would a student have completed?

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