Important Dates

Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Job posting begin for spring/summer co-op students

Thursday, January 13, 2022
Ongoing postings – jobs will be posted online as received from employers

Monday, January 24, 2022
First application deadline for spring/summer students

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Interviews begin for spring/summer students

Friday, February 4, 2022
Job Offers begin at 3:00 pm for the spring/summer term

Monday, February 21 – Friday, February 25, 2022
Study Break – No interviews (please note: there may be interviews the Friday before and the Monday after the break)

Friday, April 22, 2022
Deferral option provided to unsecured spring/summer co-op students


Student Guide to Co-operative Education

The Student Guide to Co-operative Education will lead you through your co-operative education journey. This document covers a wide variety of co-op information, which will answer many of your questions as you begin the co-operative education program. You can find the Student Guide to Co-operative Education on our Moodle page.

Deferral Policy


As per Terms & Conditions for Co-op Students:

“I agree to alternate co-op terms and study terms according to the academic course sequencing plan prescribed by my academic department. I understand that only under specific circumstances outlined in the Student Guide to Co-operative Education would I be able to defer a co-op term. Application for a deferral must be made in writing to the Co-op Office. Students who qualify may only defer one co-op term.”


“I agree to comply with the open competition process and actively participate in this process until I secure a co-op work term. I understand that not securing a work term will result in having to defer it to a future semester, which may delay my graduation date. Students can only defer one co-op term; any subsequent deferral requests will result in dismissal from the co-op/academic program.”

Co-operative education is an academic program which integrates co-op work terms with academic study terms in a prescribed sequence. Co-op work terms normally begin once a student has completed the equivalent to two years of their degree – approximately 10 units of credit. (Note: tourism & hospitality management students normally begin co-op after they have completed the equivalent to one year of their degree – approximately five units of credit.)


While enrolled in co-op, students complete co-op terms according to the schedule prepared by their respective academic departments. The schedules have been developed to ensure students can complete their three work terms and required courses in the allotted time frame. If a student diverges from this schedule, it can create academic issues and prolong their degree.

A co-op deferral is approved by academic departments under the following specific circumstances:

  1. Student’s CGPA is below the required minimum of 2.0. Students who do not meet the 2.0 CGPA will be notified by their academic department or the Co-op Office that they are required to defer the co-op term.
  2. Student cannot enroll in required courses during the scheduled academic period due to availability of courses.
  3. Student was not able to secure a co-op work term by the last business day of final exams in the semester prior to the start of the scheduled co-op work term.
  4. Student has documented medical issue(s).

Students must apply for a deferral and submit their request to the Co-op Office. The deferral request is then forwarded to the academic department for consideration.

If the deferral is approved, the academic department will decide in which term the student will fulfill that co-op requirement. In exceptional circumstances, the academic department may provide a new schedule which requires students to complete back-to-back co-op work terms and/or end on a co-op work term. When students are required to complete back-to-back co-op work terms, they are responsible for securing the second co-op work term in the back-to-back sequence. Students who end on a co-op work term will be ineligible to apply for federal government co-op positions as they do not meet the co-op job hiring requirements outlined by the Government of Canada. These restrictions place limitations on the co-op opportunities available for students in these situations.

Required Self-Directed Job Search Policy

The Required Self-Directed Job Search is assigned to a student when they decline three co-op job opportunities (job offers or interviews).

The Self-Directed Job Search policy requires students to secure a position through a Self-Directed Job Search. Students who complete a Self-Directed Job Search will develop their job search skills and secure a co-op position through their own job search. If a student finds a co-op work term through their own job search, they must have it approved by the Co-op Office before accepting the job offer. To ensure a position meets the academic requirements for a co-op work term, the student must provide in writing from the employer the following information:

  • a job description;
  • start and end dates that reflect a work term of at least 13 weeks;
  • confirmation that the student will work at least 35 hours per week;
  • salary; and
  • supervisor’s contact information.

Terms and Conditions for co-op students

Terms and Conditions for Co-operative Education were developed to comply with FOIPOP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy). Terms and Conditions are an agreement by you to participate fully in the co-op process.

Terms and Conditions document»

Financial Information

Co-operative education tuition fees are due on the last day, of the second month of each co-op work term. The deadline for spring/summer 2022 co-op students is Thursday, June 30, 2022.

The tuition assessment schedule applies to students who withdraw from the co-operative education program. There would be no change to the current assessment of tuition fees for students who honour their commitment to the co-op program. Tuition Assessment Schedule» (.pdf).

Career Connects

Career Connects is an online information system where you can review co-op job postings, submit application packages for jobs you want to apply for, sign-up for interviews, receive and accept job offers, see up-to-date information about the status of jobs you’ve applied for and accept the Co-operative Education Terms & Conditions document.

Posting Process

  • Read each posting carefully.
  • Be open to opportunities. In order to maximize your success in securing a work term, you must be open to applying for positions within various locations and within various types of organizations.
  • Ensure that your Terms & Conditions for the Co-operative Education Program has been accepted via Career Connects. You will not be able to apply for positions until it is accepted.
  • Cover letter and resume packages must be submitted via Career Connects unless otherwise stated on the job posting.
  • Employers may also ask for the following; writing/work samples, transcripts (generally unofficial copies are acceptable), application forms, or security/reliability check (these occur most often with position within the federal government)
  • You generally have 4-5 business days to apply for positions.
  • Application deadline is 12 noon.
  • Jobs will be posted online. An email will be sent out to you before the first job posting date in January with information about accessing the job postings via Career Connects.
  • Make sure to check Career Connects daily because jobs will be posted on an on-going basis.
  • Full employer contact information for your cover letters will be included with the job posting on Career Connects.

Interview Process

  • Be sure to check your e-mail account on a daily basis once interviews start. As soon as the Co-op Office receives notification of an interview from an employer, we will e-mail students who were selected for an interview to log on to Career Connects and sign up for an interview.
  • Not signing up for an interview by 9 am the business day prior to the scheduled interview, may count as a missed deadline, and your name will be removed from the interview list.
  • Interviews can only be changed if there is a conflict with mid-term or final exams. Other schedule conflicts must be handled by students. The Co-op Office can provide you with the contact information of other students being interviewed so you can try to re-arrange your interview time.
  • Interviews for the spring/summer 2022 term will begin on: Wednesday, February 2, 2022 – onward until all students are secured.
  • Job offers will begin at 3:00 pm on Friday, February 4, 2022 – onward until all students are secured.
  • Study break is Monday, February 21 – Friday, February 25, 2022. There will be no interviews during that week; please note there may be interviews the Friday before and the Monday after the break).

Direct Offers

  • Direct offers apply to all co-op students as soon as interviews start. An employer can submit their completed eligibility/ranking list as fast as minutes after the interviews are over or up to a few days later because they may want to review writing tests or complete reference checks.
  • When an eligibility/ranking list has been received and an offer is ready to be made to a student, the Co-op Office makes the offer via Career Connects.
  • A student has 24 business hours to indicate a decision once a job offer has been made. Students can decline a maximum of two opportunities per co-op term. If you accept a position, the Co-op Office will cancel all outstanding interviews on your behalf.