Co-op Grad Survey

Since 2010, the Co-op Office has conducted a co-op grad survey to learn about grad success in the workplace and how co-op contributed to their current level of success. Business administration, public relations, and tourism & hospitality management co-op students are surveyed one year following graduation.

Here’s what our grads had to say:

  • 85% of recent co-op grad respondents were employed in their field of study
  • More than 90% of recent co-op grads who are employed secured employment in their field of study within six months of graduation
  • 100% of co-op grads who are employed secured employment in their field of study within one year of graduation
  • Co-op grads are employed in all employment sectors – government, private, and not-for-profit
  • 91% of co-op grads said that co-op was effective in helping secure full-time employment after graduation
  • 93% of co-op grads felt prepared for the workforce after completing co-op
  • 97% of co-op grads said that they were satisfied with the Mount’s co-op program.

“Absolutely loved the co-op program! My co-op placements were across different industries, which gave me a broad knowledge base and helped me to think outside of the box. I also obtained a strong network of mentors and industry professionals that I can count on! I do not feel like I would be as ready to enter the workforce without the guidance and opportunities I had throughout the co-op program!” ~Jess Meldrum, BPR Class of 2017

“Completing the co-op program at the Mount played a major role in securing full time employment in the field of public relations. It is all about relationships, building them and maintaining them and the co-op program exposes you to so many people so early in your degree.” ~Sarah Williams, BPR Class of 2016

“I learned more on the job in my first co-op than I did my entire degree. Overall it was amazing, practical and life changing. The staff are amazing, they knew me and knew what I was looking for. I would have been petrified to jump into the workforce without the priceless experience I gained from the program.” ~Della d’Entremont, BBA Class of 2017