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How much will the internship cost?

The cost of the internship is equivalent to one full unit of undergraduate tuition for non-lab component courses.

Am I guaranteed an internship position?

You are not guaranteed an internship position. The Co-op Office will provide a comprehensive Professional Development Program which provides you with the skills needed to succeed in the program. Our personalized approach ensures that each student has an opportunity to work one-on-one with the Co-op Team to maximize learning and to excel.

Will my internship be related to my declared major?

There is no guarantee that the internship work term will be related to your major. All positions will be approved by the Co-op Office and deemed appropriate for Bachelor of Arts and/or Science interns.

Where are the internship positions located?

Internship opportunities can be with organizations outside the Halifax area, therefore you must be prepared to relocate to accept an internship position. You will be responsible for travel expenses to re-locate when the employer does not subsidize these expenses.

Would I be able to take a course while on work term?

You can register for one-half unit of credit while on an internship work term. The registered course must not conflict with the internship work hours. Students who complete a course, often do so via distance learning.

Will I get paid on an internship term?

Yes, all employers pay internship students. Salaries range depending on location and the type of organization.

Will the internship work term replace my regular course work?

Students in the internship program will complete a 21-unit degree. Interns complete a one-unit internship work term plus the regular degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program.

Will the internship work term appear on my transcript?

Yes, the internship work term will appear on your transcript and you will receive a grade (Pass/Fail/Withdrawal). Completion of the internship work term will not alter your degree name; you will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

What do my internship tuition fees cover?

Your internship tuition fees cover the administration of the internship process including, but not limited to:

  • Professional development sessions prior to your internship
  • Personalized job search assistance (cover letter support, one-on-one resume reviews, interview preparation, mock interviews, and coaching to complete your own job search)
  • Work site visit
  • Post internship debriefing and grading with internship faculty advisor
  • Development of job opportunities
  • Access to online job postings website and job posting administration
  • Interview space and interview coordination (including telephone and Skype interviews)
  • Facilitation of job offers
  • Tracking of student eligibility, participation level, and job search activity
  • Networking opportunities with employers and fellow internship students (special events and optional professional development/information sessions)

Can I find my own internship work term?

Yes, you are encouraged to complete your own job search while continuing to apply for positions posted through the Co-op Office. Completing your own job search will maximize opportunities and develop useful job search skills while having the opportunity to apply to the jobs posted through the Co-op Office.

If you complete your own job search you are required to coordinate your efforts with the Co-op Office and sign a Job Search Agreement Form.