Internship Guide

Welcome to a challenging and rewarding academic program. Mount Saint Vincent University offers a limited enrollment internship option for students registered in either the 20-unit Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Students accepted into the internship program complete all required coursework for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, and, in addition, complete one unit internship course, either BART 3399 or BSCI 3399.

The internship program is a value-added component of your degree which integrates classroom study and an internship. When students graduate with experiential learning experience, they find jobs in their field more easily, attain higher starting salaries and have lower student debt loads than students who have not had the benefit of work-integrated learning.

The internship program is a partnership between the employer, the student and the university. These three participants are each an integral part of the entire internship experience. This partnership has benefits for each: the employer gets the latest theories and fresh ideas from the students, and university who in turn gets practical input from the workplace, and the student has the opportunity to experience the two as an integrated whole.

Your internship will enhance your studies, giving you meaningful practical experience and valuable contacts. It is an excellent opportunity to experience a professional working environment. The Co-op Office and your internship faculty advisor are always available to assist you. We want your internship experience to be positive and enriching.

The Student Guide to Arts & Science Internship can be found on our Moodle page and Career Connects.