Imagining Black Justice Workshop

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Imagining Black Justice is a workshop addressing issues of justice affecting Black Canadians.

Join our panellists for a workshop as we share knowledge on how to build community and how to resist state violence. Workshops will include media and race, Black mental health, resisting state violence, and building effective advocacy.

Black Lives Matter/Movement for Black Lives have publicized state violence and police brutality. Robyn Maynard’s book Policing Black Lives placed these issues in a Canadian context. Cultural assessments have offered the court a lens through which to address the impact of anti-Black racism on criminalization and incarceration (the recent Jackson and Morris decisions in Ontario/the work of Robert Wright and Lana McLean in Nova Scotia.) The recent court decisions acquitting Gerald Stanley and Raymond Cormier raised issues of jury selection in Canada, and more broadly, raised questions about whiteness and Canadian courts. Reports from the Correctional Investigator indicate that Black incarceration is rising steadily in Canada and that Black prisoners face disproportionate disciplinary consequences while incarcerated. Black feminist and womanist thinkers have consistently addressed intersections of gender, anti-Black racism, and injustice, including the effects of the war on drugs on women, Black women and incarceration, and the emotional labour of incarceration on women. These are some of the frames that inform the context for this workshop.

Some goals of this workshop include: building a network of scholars, activists, and justice professionals to address anti-Black racism and criminalization; to build on foundations to create meaningful interventions into the court and prison system; to build research capacity to recognize and address anti-Black racism in the justice system.

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In Conversation with Imagining Black Justice

Monday, June 10, 2019 – 7:00 – 9:00 pm

What does justice look like?

Join four of Canada’s leading Black thinkers and activists in a discussion about state violence, policing, incarceration, Black mental health, and Black feminism. At a time where street checks are being challenged by Black communities, in the wake of reports on policing and Black incarceration, and inspired by the Movement for Black Lives, we ask the question of what worlds are possible beyond prisons and policing.

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