2021-2022 Academic Year

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POLS 3399
Internship 1.0 unit
A distinctive feature of the program is its internship requirement. After completing 10.0 units within the program, students must complete an internship of 4 months full-time (or the equivalent) with government agencies or non-government organizations (NGO’s). The work term allows students to get practical, hands on experience in the field while they are still in university. This provides students with an opportunity to develop a basic understanding of one or more public policy areas, to apply that understanding in a job during the work terms and to return to the classroom to build on that fresh knowledge and experience. Such educational experiences enhance the student’s academic performance and help ease the student’s transition to the workplace upon graduation.

The student will be required to set learning objectives, submit a work term report and participate in a return-to-campus/debriefing session. Evaluation for the successful completion of the internship is based on learning objectives, an employer evaluation and a satisfactory work term report.


Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2021-2022 academic year which runs from September 01, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

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