Grettel Baldizon comes from Costa Rica and has been living in Canada for the past eighteen years.  She has been a University professor at Mount Saint Vincent University for the past ten years. At the same time, she has also been teaching Spanish to university professors working on projects in the Caribbean and in South America.


Grettel Baldizon holds a Master’s degree in Arts from the University of Salamanca as well as a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Costa Rica. Her Master’s program was specifically designed for instructors teaching Spanish as a second language. Grettel has travelled extensively throughout most of the Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America, including Mexico and Cuba,  and she has also spent time in Spain.  She feels that this experience has given her a broader understanding and more in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language and culture which she is happy to share with her students.


Grettel writes that:

“My  personal experience in Canada as an immigrant has allowed me to understand and empathize with the difficulties of learning a second language.

I believe that the main role of the professor is to guide and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, with the goal of creating a welcoming environment where the student feels less nervous about making a mistake and more open to learning.

I think that flexibility and adaptability in teaching style are the best way to reach each and every student.
I am particularly interested in using music to explore the cultural richness and diversity of the Hispanic world.

I hope that you come to my class with an open mind, ready to learn all about the Spanish speaking world.”