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If you want to know more about English faculty research, you can find further information in some individual Faculty Profiles.

Books by English faculty

Recent/ forthcoming publications
Recent conference papers / talks / interviews

Recent / forthcoming publications

Susan Drain‘s site Percy’s War, published in real time plus one hundred years, is an archive relating to the World War One Canadian artillery soldier Percy Theobald. The archive includes diaries, letters, photographs, documents, and ephemera; set in a broader context of military and cultural history (including contemporary fiction, poetry, and art), and including a love story, the blog is a work of creative non-fiction.She is also polishing a collection of short stories for publication.

Graham Fraser ‘s essay “Viriconium Ghostwalk” has been published in M. John Harrison: Critical Essays, edited by Mark Bould and Rhys Williams. London: Gylphi, 2019, and another article, “Solid Objects/Ghosts of Chairs: Virginia Woolf and the Afterlife of Things” is forthcoming in Journal of Modern Literature, vol. 43, Winter 2020. “The Ghost in the Mirror: Self-Haunting in Good Morning, Midnight” has been published in Modern Language Review 113.3, 2018, pp. 481-505.His article “The Fall of the House of Ramsay: Virginia Woolf’s Ahuman Aesthetics of Ruin” has been accepted for publication by Criticism.

Karen Macfarlane‘s article “Zombies and the Viral Web” has been published in Horror Studies, vol. 9, no. 2, 2018, pp. 231-47.

Karen Macfarlane and Diane Piccitto co-wrote “Queer Literature and Culture: New Course at MSVU” for the MSVU News, 24 July 2019. Last year, they co-wrote “Queer Theory at MSVU,” which was published in the MSVU News in July 2018. These articles feature the English Department’s new course, ENGL 2207 and the ENGL 4407 Queer Theory course, and were written in recognition of Pride Week.

English Department graduate Nolan Natasha has published a book of poetry, I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me? (Invisible Publishing, 2019) and performed a reading at the Afterwords Literary Festival in Halifax on October 3, 2019.

Diane Piccitto‘s article “Teaching Blake’s Illuminated Books Performatively, or How to Do (Dramatic) Things with Blake” was published in Teaching Romanticism XXIV: Drama, part 2, 2018, edited by Dana Van Kooy as part of the Teaching Romanticism series in Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840. She has also published “Apocalyptic Visions, Heroism, and Intersections of the Human and ‘the Not Human’ in Blake’s Milton” in Beastly Blake, edited by Tristanne Connolly and Helen Bruder. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, pp. 111-133.She is also co-editor, with Patricia Pulham, of Victoriographies: A Journal of Nineteenth-Century Writing, 1790-1914, Edinburgh University Press, which publishes three issues per year.

Anna Smol has published “Bodies in War: Medieval and Modern Tensions in ‘The Homecoming’ ” in “Something Has Gone Crack”: New Perspectives on J.R.R. Tolkien in the Great War edited by Janet Brannan Crost and Annika Rottinger, Walking Tree Publisers, 2019, pp. 265-85. She has also published a review of Binding Them All: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on J.R.R. Tolkien and His Works, edited by Kirner-Ludwig, Koser, and Streitberger, Walking Tree Publishers, 2017 in Journal of Tolkien Research, vol. 7, no. 1, 2019. . Previously she published “Seers and Singers: Tolkien’s Sub-creative Typologies” in A Wilderness of Dragons: Essays in Honor of Verlyn Flieger, edited by John D. Rateliff, Gabbro Head Press, 2018, pp. 258-79. She has also published “Adaptation as Analysis: Creative Work in an English Classroom” in the collection Fandom as Classroom Practice, ed. Katherine Howell, University of Iowa Press, 2018, pp. 16-31. The book includes a written response by her former student and Mount grad, Rebecca Power (B.A. Hons 2015) titled “Becoming a Subcreator: Response to ‘Studies in Medievalism: Tolkien and Myth-making,'” pp. 32-34. In addition, the volume includes illustrations of class art projects by former students Shelby MacGregor, Leah Phillips, and Jenny Davison.

Nathaniel Street has published “Biopolitical Authenticity and Popular Music: The Song Refrains the Same,” in Provocations (University of Nebraska Press). His article, “Affirming Difference: Inhabiting the WPA Otherwise” is forthcoming in Composition Studies, Spring 2020. He is currently preparing an article based on his Rhetoric Society of America presentation for Advances in the History of Rhetoric, published by the American Society for the History of Rhetoric.



Recent conference papers / talks / interviews / awards

Stephen Cloutier, J. Buch and O. Rockside are co-hosting a podcast about Leonard Nimoy’s old show In Search Of. J. The podcast can be found at He is also in pre-production on a solo podcast about the Second World War’s continuing influence on our culture. The first episode should be available early in the new year.

Susan Drain (Professor Emerita) has won the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia’s Budge Wilson Prize for short fiction for a story called “In the Dugout.”

Graham Fraser presented “‘A Shape to Fill a Lack’: Phantomogenic Speech in As I Lay Dying” as part of the panel on “The Ghostly Presence in American Literature” at the Canadian Association for American Studies at the 2019 ACCUTE conference in Vancouver. He also spoke on “The Fall of the House of Ramsay: Virginia Woolf’s Ahuman Aesthetics of Ruin” at a departmental seminar in February 2019.

Clare Goulet took part in a reading with other Halifax writers as part of the Chase Gallery, NS Public Archives opening exhibition of “Make Believe: The Secret Library of M. Prud’homme – A Rare Collection of Fakes.” She also presented “‘How to be both knife and spoon’: lessons from the editor’s editors” as part of a poetry editing panel at the 40th Editors’ Association of Canada Conference, 7-9 June 2019.

Reina Green presented “From Malvolio Within to Malvolia Out: Punishment and Revenge in the Festive World of Twelfth Night” as part of a panel on Revenge Comedy at the Third Shakespearean Theatre Conference in Stratford, ON, in June.

Reina Green, Diane Piccitto, and Anna Smol were invited to give the plenary session at the St. Thomas University Professional Development Faculty Retreat on February 2, 2019. Their topic was “When Everything Old is New Again’: Experiential Learning in the Classroom,” which was based on their presentation in October 2018 at the Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase at Dalhousie University. They also gave a “Research Snapshot” on the same topic at the Mount’s Research Symposium on May 3, 2019.

Karen Macfarlane was one of the plenary speakers at the 2019 IGA (International Gothic Association) conference in Chicago in July 2019. She also gave the Keshen Goodman Library lecture series in the Fall of 2018 on Culture and Technology.

Diane Piccitto presented “Illuminated Theatre: Sight and Spectacle in Blake’s The Ghost of Abel,” at the Visuality and the Theatre in the Long Nineteenth Century Conference, at the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK, in June 2019.

Anna Smol presented “Allegory and Story: Poetic Time Travel in Tolkien’s Works” at the Tolkien Society’s Tolkien 2019 conference in Birmingham, UK in August 2019. She gave a guest lecture in the English Department, Dalhousie University in their Fan Culture course (English 3305) on Tolkien fanfiction in Fall 2018. Her 2004 article, “Oh…oh…Frodo!“: Readings of Male Intimacy in The Lord of the Rings” (published in Modern Fiction Studies) is one of the course texts. Along with her students Rebecca Foster and Shawn Hunt, she presented a poster on “Tolkien, Translation, and ‘New Old English’ Poetry” at the Mount’s Research Symposium on May 3, 2019. She has been awarded an MSVU Standard Research Grant for her project on Tolkien’s The Homecoming and an MSVU SSHRC Explore Grant for “Tolkien and the ‘New Old English’ Poetry.”


Nathaniel Street presented his paper “Apostrophizing Possession” to the invitation-only Punctuating Rhetoric: The 7th Conference on Rhetorical Theory in Columbia, South Carolina, on October 4-5, 2019. He also participated in the Rhetoric Society of America’s “Writing Sensory Rhetorics” in June 2019. He gave a department seminar on March 27, 2019 on “Re-Animating the Writing-Mind-Body Complex.”

Rhoda Zuk presented “Frog Spawn: The Genesis of a Hate Meme” at the Association for Research on Children and Young People Conference in Toronto in May 2019. She co-presented with Donna Varga “Hearing From and Listening To: Dialectical Tensions in the Pedagogical Pursuit of Critical Analysis” at the Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase, Dalhousie University (Truro Campus) on October 20, 2018.


Books by English Faculty


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  • David Monaghan. The Novels of John le Carre. Oxford: Blackwell, 1985.


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