The MSVU President’s Student Relief Fund was established in April 2020 to help students experiencing significant financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic cover urgent and immediate costs associated with housing, food, technology, health services and transportation. Additionally, the fund provided students with in-course bursaries for the fall and winter terms (2020/2021). New applications are not currently being accepted.

What other financial supports are available for students?

Emergency financial support is available for students and recent graduates through resources such as the Canada Recovery Benefit. Information about federal supports for students can be found on the Government of Canada website.

In addition, post-secondary students in Nova Scotia will receive a one-time grant to help cover shortfalls in earnings and unexpected costs associated with their studies.

Government is providing the one-time COVID-19 Response Grant of $750 to all recipients of Nova Scotia Student Assistance in 2020-21. Students do not have to apply.

The COVID-19 Response Grant acknowledges the extra costs students may have incurred during the pandemic such as moving to new learning platforms, as well as the challenges they have had obtaining summer employment and part-time jobs.

Find out more about the COVID-19 Response Grant.

What does this mean for my student loans and other financial requirements?

The Nova Scotia Student Assistance office remains operational, applications are being assessed, inquiries responded to and funds are being issued. Use the ‘Ask Us’ feature in MyPATH for secure inquiries. If you don’t have a MyPATH account, you can send questions to

The Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC) website is a great resource for information related to the federal government benefits and services.