MSVU experts – Pandemic-related list for media

MSVU is home to faculty experts on many topics with relevance to the COVID-19 pandemic. The following can be contacted for interviews or information and analysis – their areas of relevant expertise are noted.

Note: There are many additional MSVU experts not listed here. Please contact if you’re looking for expert input on a particular topic or for MSVU media relations support generally.

Dr. Danielle Cox, Mathematics

  • The role of math in modelling an outbreak
  • Teaching/learning online
  • Teaching math

Dr. Tammy Findlay, Political and Canadian Studies

  • Early learning and child care
  • Social policy
  • Caregiving
  • Families
  • Gender, women’s equality
  • Work
  • Economic inequality
  • Government policy responses

Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal, Biology and NSERC Atlantic Chair for Women in Science and Engineering

  • Impacts on women in society

Dr. Alex Khasnabish, Sociology and Anthropology

  • Politics (Canada and international) Far right, fascism, and authoritarianism
  • Social change and social justice
  • Racism
  • Social movements
  • Grassroots responses to disasters and crises
  • Inequality
  • Capitalism and its crises, 902-401-8544

Dr. Amélie Lemieux, Faculty of Education

  • Digital learning, online learning, education & technology
  • Literacy
  • Activities for families/children to do at home

Dr. Jeffrey MacLeod, Political and Canadian Studies

  • Political and cultural impacts of the pandemic

Dr. Scott MacMillan, Business

  • Impacts on the non-profit sector
  • Community leadership

Dr. Jessie-Lee McIsaac, Faculty of Education, Child & Youth Study and Canada Research Chair in Early Childhood

  • Dr. McIsaac is leading a Maritime-wide research study on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on families of young children towards informing supports. The survey is open now and results are anticipated in June. [More]

Dr. Christine McLean, Child & Youth Study

  • Early childhood development
  • Play-based learning

Dr. Peter Mombourquette, Chair, Department of Business & Tourism

  • Impacts on business, entrepreneurs
  • Economic impacts
  • Challenges for managers in leading during a pandemic, managing teams working from home
  • Tourism sector impacts

Dr. Jonathan Roberts, History

  • History of Pandemics
  • Dr. Roberts is teaching the course Plagues and Peoples online starting this May.

Dr. Daniel G. Séguin, Psychology

  • Parenting
  • Child social development
  • Emotions and behaviours during these uncertain times

Dr. Amy Thurlow, Communication Studies

  • Media-induced rituals (like watching the updates from Dr. Strang and the Premier each day)
  • Social media in terms of community connection
  • Sense-making as an approach to understanding what’s going on
  • Challenges related to uneven access to technology across the province

Donovan Plumb, Director, Teaching and Learning Centre and Online Learning

  • Teaching and learning in higher education
  • Online learning

Dr. Kyly Whitfield, Applied Human Nutrition and Milk and Micronutrient Assessment Lab

Dr. Whitfield is studying possible changes to how Nova Scotians are feeding their babies during the pandemic. An online survey is being used to gather information from families. Dr. Whitfield hopes that insights from Nova Scotian parents will help inform public health supports moving forward, either in future similar situations or possible additional waves of COVID-19 outbreak. [More]

Centre for Women in Business (CWB) at MSVU

  • Pandemic impacts for women entrepreneurs – Executive Director – CWB Business Advisor, also owner of a financial analysis software company for small business, Finazz.

Directory of CWB member businesses

The CWB is the only University-based business support centre for women at a Canadian university.