March 7, 2022

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Managing Your Career with Chantal Brine, EnPoint

In this session we’ll talk about career management best practices for participants to continue to build their career and skill set so that they progress in their career. Participants will reflect on longer-term career goals, assess gaps between short term and long term, and create a plan of action to support them in advancing their career. We’ll also talk about how to overcome the most common pitfalls or missteps “new to job professionals” encounter that can impede career advancement.

This event is a part of the SHIFT 2022: Navigating Your Career Journey, which is for all students ( new graduate, returning students, students about to graduate and recent alumni) to help transition to life after university.

For Learning Passport students with the Department of Business and Tourism, attend one keynote speaker to receive Learning Passport credit.