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One of many research events from 2005-2010. Photo Credit: David Daughton


Useful Resources for research:

Here is the site for the SESRN. The network has now completed its work and the site is no longer being maintained.


The SESRN is a team of community and university-based people who collaborated to do research on the social economy, focusing primarily on Atlantic Canada. Students contributed extensively too, as research assistants and through their own thesis research. To find out more about our team and our network, visit
About Us.

From September 2005 to June 2011, the SESRN conducted and disseminated research that reflected the interests and concerns of community partners in the social economy. This also advanced knowledge in the field of social economy research. Working in 6 research clusters and a Node office at Mount Saint Vincent University, and across 65 projects, the SESRN pursued the goals of contributing to:

  • The theory and practice of the social economy in Atlantic Canada;

  • Internal bridging, bonding, and capacity building within the Social Economy and the academy;

  • The use of the term “social economy” as a policy-relevant framing concept in the region;

  • Linking Atlantic partners (community and university-based) with others in Canada & the world

On this site, look for photos, power point presentations, discussion of individual topics, audio and video files and much more! We hope that this site will continue to be a resource for everyone interested in the social economy. We will not be adding materials after June 2011 but we will continue to add to Social Economy Space (SE Space).  There, you will be able to download materials resulting both from the work of the network, and from other social economy researchers and practitioners.

Our research has shown that there can be no doubt that the social economy is a vital contributor to the economic and social well-being of individuals, families, and communities in this region. The social economy is oriented to different values, preferring more participatory and inclusive governance and management structures, and employing distinctive criteria for success. The rich space that is social economy deserves recognition for its economic, social, and (increasingly) environmental contributions to the fabric of our society. There is still much to learn and we hope that our work plays a part in encouraging further explorations and debates about the social economy in Atlantic Canada and beyond. Among other avenues, the Social Economy of Atlantic Canada Blog is a forum for discussion – Go ahead, start talking!

We thank the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for funding us over this period and we acknowledge with gratitude and awe the incredible commitment of time, in-kind resources, and money from the community and academic partners. Government folk also contributed to the work and took an active interest in what we were doing. Over the past 6 years, in each of the Atlantic Provinces, we have seen policy and/or program initiatives informed by work done by this network. 

- Leslie Brown, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Mount Saint Vincent University.


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This site is no longer maintained. Date of last update: August 2011.

For more information, contact Leslie Brown at or 902-457-6240