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Congress 2011


June 2011 in Fredericton, New Brunswick


About Congress | Congress 2011 SESRN Presentations


About Congress:

Organized by the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Congress brings together thousands of scholars, students, practitioners and policy makers in a different city each year to share ideas, discuss today’s complex issues and enrich their research.

 The University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University will host the 2011 Congress with the theme Coasts and Continents: Exploring people and places.

At Congress, academic associations organize their own conferences. Our network took part in a number of these:
The Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) conference;
The Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER) conference;
The Canadian Association of Food Studies (CAFS) Conference.

The event addresses wide-ranging issues from theatre, literature and education to history, sociology and international development.


From May 28-June 4, Congress 2011 was co-hosted by the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The theme was Coasts and Continents: Exploring peoples and places.

For more information about Congress 2011, click here.

Some of our team presenting at Congress. Photo contributed by: Leslie Brown


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Presentations from our network at Congress:


For more information on a particular project presented at Congress 2011, click a link below:


Conference Theme Title Contact Organization
ANSER Communication, Community informatics Social Economy Space: a hub for social economy research Roger Gillis; Stan Orlov; Victoria Volkanova Mount St.Vincent
ANSER   A Crisis or a Challenge? How New Brunswick’s Nonprofit Sector Meets the Need for Home Care Services
Rose Cole Sociology, UNB
ANSER Communication: Enterprise Sociale et la Recherche Parteneriale: Luc Theriault is CHAIR Engagement citoyen et bénévolat sur le littoral acadien  Omer Chouinard Université de Moncton
ANSER Communication, Networking and Social Marketing Community Radio Ivan Emke   CSC and SWGC/MUN
  Communication, Networking and Social Marketing Online Community Collaborations
Darlene Scott CSC and SWGC/MUN
  Communication, Networking and Social Marketing More Learning Less Travel: A Study of Webinar Experiences
Josh Smyth CSC and SWGC/MUN
ANSER   Empirical Evidence On Financing Challenges in the Social Economy
George Karaphillis Cape Breton University
CASC Cooperatives and Sustainability Cooperative Sustainability and Planning Practices: a Participatory Approach
Leslie Brown/Elizabeth Hicks/Andre LeClerc MSVU/MSVU/UdeM
ANSER Cooperative Governance Canadian Cooperatives - Are They Governed Better than Nonprofits?
Judy and Larry Haiven St. Mary's University
CAFS   Participatory action research (PAR) & the food movement: Issues, ideas, and insights: PowerPoint and Handout
Williams, Patty; Watt, C.; Johnson, C.; Reimer, Debra  
ANSER Roundtable: Toward a shared profile Perspectives from community partners involved in a social economy CURA Chair: Noreen Millar, Social Economy Network; Participants: representatives from community organizations in Atlantic Canada, partners in the SE Network MSVU


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